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Sunday, April 5, 2020

New April 2020 Designer Kit is here!

Chalk Couture has dropped a new Designer Kit and I'm kinda jealous of all these great items that I have to wait to order them until the 15th of April. But if you get your Designer Kit, you get them NOW! Shut the front door! So lucky!!

Get triple the treat when you join in April!
Opportunity is in full bloom, and we’ve put together the perfect bouquet of products and benefits just for you during the month of April! Chalk Couture has never had such a huge incentive for new Designers—extraordinary times call for extraordinary incentives and we’re here to support your new adventure as an Independent Designer with Chalk Couture. You’ll be creating, selling, and growing a beautiful Chalk Couture Designership in no time!

Tagalong bonus product:
• You’ll find a set of our rustic Tag Minis and the Homespun Tags

B-sized Transfer included FREE in your Starter Kit. This boosts the retail value of the kit above $270 USD/$370 CAD and gives you two of our hottest, most on-trend items to start with.
Kit Earnback with Designer D├ębut:
• You can earn your kit FREE! Simply complete Phase 1 of our

fast-start program (600 in Personal Volume) by May 31 and earn $99 USD/$129 CAD back in cash! (Taxes and shipping not eligible for earnback.)
ChalkCon product booster pack:
• April enrollees who register for and attend ChalkCon (our party

of the year) get a special perk—a product pack valued at $150 USD original retail value!


-Designer Start-Up Guide Spring/Summer 2020 Catalog 
-Thank You Cards (12-Pack) 
-Chalk CoutureTM Apron Small Squeegee
-8 Chalk TransferTM Designs (various sizes)
     -Love Brings Us Home (A)
     -RV There Yet (A)
     -Dive Into Sunshine Minis (B)
     -When Life Gives You Lemons (B)
     -Business Builder—Ask Me How (B)
     -Business Builder—Join My Team (B)
     -Club CoutureTM Transfer of the month (B)
5 ChalkologyTM Pastes (3 US fl. oz.)
     -Bright White

     -Couture Teal
     -Spring Zing
Couture GalleryTM Board Aiden White Frame (9" × 12")
Couture BoutiqueTM Board & Base (5 1⁄2" × 7 1⁄2")
Couture BoutiqueTM Chalkable Chips (Black, 12-Pack, 3", Round)

TAG ALONG EXTRAS (April 2020) 
Chalk TransferTM Homespun Tags (B) 
Tag Minis (6-Pack, 3" × 5")
This kit has a retail value of more than $270 USD/$370 CAD.*


Your monthly Designer Subscription is $19.99 USD/CAD (plus tax)
a month and includes a full suite of essential tools! You get a custom e-commerce Chalk Site and Chalk Shop mobile app to sell products. Plus, your Designer Office will help you manage inventory, place orders, and track personal and Team activity. And finally, you get an exclusive Club CoutureTM Transfer each month with free shipping. Your First month’s subscription is FREE!

Like these but not sure what Chalk Couture is- Click here to read all about it! 

Wanna shop for some Chalk Couture stuff? Click here to check out all the amazing items! 

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Until then...

Sara ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Stuck at home? Why not try some of these Chalk Couture Quarantine small projects! Here are 5 to try!

If you are like me, and most people in America, you are most likely stuck at home during the Corona Virus Quarantine. But, I have put together some craft ideas to pass the time! 

Here are some smaller size Chalk Couture Projects for you to do with your family! 

No Bad Days Project

Supplies needed: 

Chalk Paste Colors:Greige, and Iris
Accessories: Small Squeegee

This looks like they ombre the colors from Greige to Iris. 

Love Brings Us Home Project 

Supplies needed:

Surface: This looks like square block of wood, but you could use the Box Frame
Paste Colors: Storm and Current Jam
Accessories: Small Squeegee
Forever Trio Project

Supplies needed: 

Transfer: Forever Trio 
Chalk Paste: Almond
Surface: Any candle jar
Accessories: Small Squeegee

Family Trio Project

Supplies needed: 

Transfer: Family Trio
Surface: House Cut-outs 
Chalk Pastes: Eucalyptus, Mauvelous, and Current Jam
Accessories: Small Squeegee and Ribbon of choice. 

Bless This Mess Project

Transfer: Bless This Mess
Chalk Paste: Mauvelous
Accessories: Small Squeegee 

Like these but not sure what Chalk Couture is- Click here to read all about it! 

Wanna shop for some Chalk Couture stuff? Click here to check out all the amazing items! 

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Until then...

Sara ;) 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Time to upgrade!

Rob and I have been talking for a while about getting a bigger house. We have been causally looking on Zillow. Our house needed a few things done before we wanted to sell so we weren't really in a hurry. One day I went and checked out a house and I think it got me excited to start looking for a bigger house. 

The next weekend Rob had off, we went and looked at 2 houses on Sunday. One in Lodi and one in Galt. We looked at the Lodi house 1st and fell in love! It has everything we need! So much space! But we still wanted to check out the house in Galt since it had a pool. It was nice, but we really liked the Lodi house. 

So on Monday our amazing realtor, Eileen Schamber, contacted the seller and they weren't going to take any offers since the house was somewhat pending. So we were bummed. But later that day, they decided to take an offer from us! So we sent one over and they accepted! We were ecstatic!! So over the moon excited! But know we knew we had to get our house sold before we could get this one. 

We were in a mad rush since the photographer was headed over on Tuesday. I don't think I have ever work that hard to get the house picture ready in a day! It was crazy! We moved a ton of stuff into storage but we had it ready in time. 

The house went on the Market on Wednesday- yes... that same week! We had our 1st private showing on Thursday and 2 open houses over the weekend. We accepted an offer on Sunday or Monday, which put the new house into escrow! 

All that was done in a WEEK! Yes, just a week! Now we are a the end of the tunnel and just waiting for the closing date on our current house and our new house. We are so lucky to have Eileen as our Realtor not just because she is amazing, but because she knows us. She knows our kids and all about our crazy life. I knew she wouldn't let us buy a home that wasn't a good fit for us. 

Until next time- hopefully from our new house! 

Sara ;)

Monday, September 2, 2019

We started school a month ago--- Finally getting to this post!

School is back in...FINALLY! WE have been back in school for a month and I life has not slowed down! We had a great summer but I am happy to have the kids back in school! But first a little about our summer break.

We had a busy Summer! I have gone a little quite due to being worn out from all we have been doing plus working and Mason being a night owl! I might need to get him the book Go the F**K to sleep by Adam Mansbach. He has hit a rough patch and wants to go to be late.... and I mean LATE! I just put him to bed and its 11:05PM. He is wild from start to finish with 1 nap during the day. If you know some tricks or some vodoo shit.... I will take it gladly!

The kids took a Jiujitsu summer camp for 2 weeks at Valley Fit in Stockton and they LOVED it! Great people and great training all the way around! The kids are begging to go back.

Then at work I had an Internal Audit.... Which is always fun! If you are a UPSers, then you know the joy of always getting ready for KETER! But, I get to spend time with some great co-workers when they are here so I don't mind!

Then the kids went up to Truckee for a few days! Lucky kids! They got to go swimming, and crawdad fishing and all kinds of outdoor stuff! Auntie Katie and Papa Jack are the best! We love them and are so thankful that they love our kids just like there own grandkids!

Last but not least, we celebrated Masons 2nd Birthday! I can't believe he is 2 already! He is such a wild boy at heart and always keeps us on our toes. Especially since he can reach inside the sink... HELLO knives!! He is such perfect fit to out wild and crazy family!

Towards the end of our summer, we headed off to Burney Falls at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park  for our annual Mooney Family camping trip!

And guess what?!? We are selling our house! But more about that on the next post!

Until next time!

Sara ;)

Friday, June 7, 2019

How our summer is going.... so far!

So we are almost a week into summer break and it has not been easy! All the kids want to do all day is eat and drink! Momma doesn't have time for all of that! Rob is off normally Mondays and Tuesdays so they kids go to sleep in on those days but the rest of the week they have to get up earlier since I've got to drop them off at Mom Mom's house! They are not happy about getting up early! So it's definitely a struggle. Then add Mason in. This little boy has not made it easy. He must be going through a growth spurt or something because he doesn't want to go to sleep at night! The past 2 nights he has gone to bed at 11:30pm! Momma needs her "ME" time! I end up going to be straight after I put him down. So this weekend I will be catch up time for laundry and cleaning! YAY!! 

We did take time to go to the Lodi Farmers Market in Downtown Lodi. It's always a great time and the kids love to get a snow cone. The Lodi Farmers Market is a Certified Organic. They have great vendors for fruits, veggies, flowers and small businesses! You've gotta get out to the Lodi Farmers Market and support out local Vendors! 

This week has been a shit show, but hopefully next week is better! The kids start a 2 week summer camp so they will be out of my mom's hair for a few hours! 

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Until next time

Sara ;)

Friday, May 31, 2019

Open House 2019

Open House 2019

Open house this year was great! I just love seeing all the work both kids have done through out the year out on display. This year has flown by too fast! We had great teachers who put so much effort into their lives! They love them just like their own and guild them into smart kids!  

We first went to Arley's classroom with Mrs. Costello. We just adore Mrs. Costello and love her so much since Kellan was in her class in Kindergarten too! I was so excited that Arley was in Mrs. Costello's class too!


Then we were onto Kellan's 3rd grade class with Ms. Fyffe. This is ms. Fyffe's first year teaching and she did a great job! I'm sure she learned a lot from this great group of kids! She has a lot of patience with the kids (more than I ever would)! She won't be at Reese next year, so we will miss her! 

How did your kids Open House go this year? Leave me a comment with your favorite teacher! We gotta love our teachers! They are shaping the world- one mind at a time! 

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Until next time!

Sara ;)

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