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Friday, May 1, 2020

The Retired Vault is opening!

Yes--- The Vault is opening and is bring back 3 retired transfers. You heard me right! 

But what is the Transfer Vault? Retiring our Chalk Transfer™ designs is an important part of keeping our inventory fresh, relevant, and on-trend, but we know sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to your favorites. Releasing strategic, retired designs from the “Transfer Vault” is an opportunity for you purchase select designs again—and if you’re new to Chalk Couture, the Vault means you can get them for the first time! Releases will typically include between three and six top, previous designs—available in a limited quantity, for a limited time.

When will Transfer Vault designs be released? The Chalk Couture vault opens twice per year, typically in late spring and early autumn (we aim for May and August, but check timely updates from Chalk Central to be sure when a Transfer Vault release is coming!)

How can we get them? Transfer Vault releases will be available through the “Specials and Deals” tab in your Designer Office and on your Chalk Site.

Will there be a limit to how many I can order?
 Yes, each Transfer design will have a limit of five at launch. This limit may be lifted, depending on demand. 

How long will the Transfer Vault designs be available? 
Limited quantities will be released of each design, so they are only while supplies last. The Transfer Vault closes when special order quantities are exhausted or typically a month after release, whichever comes first.

When will we know which designs you plan to release? 
You won’t, but that’s all part of the fun! You will not get a sneak peek to any of the Transfer Vault designs, but will see them the day they launch in your Specials & Deals tab in your Designer Office or on your Chalk Site.

How will the Transfer Vault releases help build my Designership?
 We’ll place marketing collateral in your Designer Office to share with customers. You can use this release to boost your PV by:
•   Offering customers a “second-chance” at purchasing select favorite retired designs. 
•   Creating a sense of urgency, because the designs will be offered in limited quantity for a  limited time. 
•   Marketing these “favorites” while continuing to focus on our line of current, fresh designs.  

Want to see a video all about this release- Click here

The 3 retired transfers for May 2020 are:
Lemonade - D Size
Anchor & Shells - C Size
Boho Florals - B Size

Quench your thirst for summertime flavor with this fun Lemonade Transfer! This piece includes several elements that can be used together or in addition to other projects. "Squeeze the day" with "fresh squeezed" lemonade in raspberry, strawberry, mango and peach. Pairs well with Magnetic Chalkboard Round 18", 12" x 18" framed Chalkboards, and Magnetic Chalkboard Square 10" 

Anchor & Shells
If you are needing beach decor or if you love the ocean then the Anchor and Shells Chalk Transfer is perfect for you! It includes several different sea shells and two different sized anchors. Pairs well beach decor. 

Boho florals
The Boho Florals Chalk Transfer includes several different bohemian flowers, big and small. It's the perfect Transfer to use alone or can be combined with other Transfers for a beautiful finished project. Pairs well with the Double Welcome Chalk Transfer and the Marriage Labels Chalk Transfer. 

Like these but not sure what Chalk Couture is- Click here to read all about it! 

Wanna shop for some Chalk Couture stuff? Click here to check out all the amazing items! 

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May Club Couture - Love Conquers All

Finally- It's May! It seems like this year has had 17 months so far, but no- just 5! There is no better way to start off May than with a great new Club Couture! The month is - Love Conquers All. An enchanting phrase with delicate accents brings something lovely to life with this exclusive transfer. 

Heres what you get this month:
Love Conquers All Transfer - B Size
Paste Single Packets in: Guava, Couture Teal, Peachy Keen

Supplies Needed
Club Couture™ Transfer: Love Conquers All
Chalkology™ Paste Singles: Guava, Couture Teal, Peachy Keen

Color and Placement for Club Couture: Love Conquers All
1. Border: Peachy Keen
2. Love and All: Guava
3. Conquers: Couture Teal

Follow these instructions to complete the Club Couturproject:
1. Prepare your Chalk Transfer by removing it from the packaging.

2. When you remove the backer from the Transfer screen, be sure to “fuzz” each element to gentle the adhesive by sticking the adhesive screen to a Fuzzing Cloth or terry cloth towel to pick up a bit of lint before applying it to your board.

3. Position the first element and smooth to adhere to your surface, ensuring there are no bubbles.

4. Prepare your Chalkology Paste by kneading the packet, trimming off the corner, and squeezing the desired amount onto your Color Trays or another palette surface. Stir paste if using 3 US fl. oz. jar.

5. Use a generous amount of Chalkology Paste on the Small Squeegee and smooth it over the Transfer (see color and placement suggestions).

6. Once the screen portion of the design is completely covered, squeegee the excess paste off as evenly as possible and scrape unused paste back into the jar  or palette. The more excess paste you remove, the better the result.

7. Use the “chalk-and-pull” method to carefully pull up the top part of the Transfer (with wet paste) before it dries. Carefully lay the Transfer back down on your surface.

8. Continue spreading the next paste color and repeat the “chalk-and-pull” method to pull the Transfer (with wet paste) off the surface before it dries.

9. When all colors are complete, carefully peel back the Transfer before the paste dries and immediately put it in water to clean.

10. Once clean, let dry with the sticky side up.

11. Once all the Transfer elements are clean and dry, reapply all backers and store flat.

Want to see a video on how this example is made: Click Here! 

Love your Club Couture membership, but want more to use them on? Get a Kickstart kit

This kit has everything you need to make starting your creative adventure easy. Grab it now, because it's available at this price only with your initial Club Couture subscription. Small Squeegee Multi-Tool Board Eraser (2-Pack) Chalkology Paste Bright White (3 oz.) Couture Gallery™ Board (9” x 12”) Couture Boutique Board & Base.

Like these but not sure what Chalk Couture is- Click here to read all about it! 

Wanna shop for some Chalk Couture stuff? Click here to check out all the amazing items! 

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

New April 2020 Designer Kit is here!

Chalk Couture has dropped a new Designer Kit and I'm kinda jealous of all these great items that I have to wait to order them until the 15th of April. But if you get your Designer Kit, you get them NOW! Shut the front door! So lucky!!

Get triple the treat when you join in April!
Opportunity is in full bloom, and we’ve put together the perfect bouquet of products and benefits just for you during the month of April! Chalk Couture has never had such a huge incentive for new Designers—extraordinary times call for extraordinary incentives and we’re here to support your new adventure as an Independent Designer with Chalk Couture. You’ll be creating, selling, and growing a beautiful Chalk Couture Designership in no time!

Tagalong bonus product:
• You’ll find a set of our rustic Tag Minis and the Homespun Tags

B-sized Transfer included FREE in your Starter Kit. This boosts the retail value of the kit above $270 USD/$370 CAD and gives you two of our hottest, most on-trend items to start with.
Kit Earnback with Designer Début:
• You can earn your kit FREE! Simply complete Phase 1 of our

fast-start program (600 in Personal Volume) by May 31 and earn $99 USD/$129 CAD back in cash! (Taxes and shipping not eligible for earnback.)
ChalkCon product booster pack:
• April enrollees who register for and attend ChalkCon (our party

of the year) get a special perk—a product pack valued at $150 USD original retail value!


-Designer Start-Up Guide Spring/Summer 2020 Catalog 
-Thank You Cards (12-Pack) 
-Chalk CoutureTM Apron Small Squeegee
-8 Chalk TransferTM Designs (various sizes)
     -Love Brings Us Home (A)
     -RV There Yet (A)
     -Dive Into Sunshine Minis (B)
     -When Life Gives You Lemons (B)
     -Business Builder—Ask Me How (B)
     -Business Builder—Join My Team (B)
     -Club CoutureTM Transfer of the month (B)
5 ChalkologyTM Pastes (3 US fl. oz.)
     -Bright White

     -Couture Teal
     -Spring Zing
Couture GalleryTM Board Aiden White Frame (9" × 12")
Couture BoutiqueTM Board & Base (5 1⁄2" × 7 1⁄2")
Couture BoutiqueTM Chalkable Chips (Black, 12-Pack, 3", Round)

TAG ALONG EXTRAS (April 2020) 
Chalk TransferTM Homespun Tags (B) 
Tag Minis (6-Pack, 3" × 5")
This kit has a retail value of more than $270 USD/$370 CAD.*


Your monthly Designer Subscription is $19.99 USD/CAD (plus tax)
a month and includes a full suite of essential tools! You get a custom e-commerce Chalk Site and Chalk Shop mobile app to sell products. Plus, your Designer Office will help you manage inventory, place orders, and track personal and Team activity. And finally, you get an exclusive Club CoutureTM Transfer each month with free shipping. Your First month’s subscription is FREE!

Like these but not sure what Chalk Couture is- Click here to read all about it! 

Wanna shop for some Chalk Couture stuff? Click here to check out all the amazing items! 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

New Chalk Couture accessories from the 2020 Spring / Summer Catolog

Did you hear?!? There are a few new accessories now available! Check them out below! 

SKU: T201107
$5.99 USD
Use for fast paste removal on gallery and boutique surfaces. Spray the board with the Fine Mist Sprayer, let water sit, then scrape—so satisfying! 

SKU: T201105
$9.99 USD
Use to carry squeegees, Chalk Markers, Transfer Trimmers, and other Chalk Couture art tools. 

SKU: T201106
$4.99 USD
Use as a palette with Chalkology Paste and Chalkology Ink. Excellent for small color portions or holding Paste Singles. 

Chalk Markers (Silver, Gold, 2-Pack)

SKU: T201102
$14.99 USD
For customizing and writing freehand on board surfaces. Remove with water and Board Eraser. 

SKU: T201103  $8.99 USD
Display your most captivating creations with ease. See what we did there? Use to display finished artwork. Best with most 5" x 7" and 6" x 18" Chalk Couture™ surfaces.

SKU: T201104  $11.99 USD
Display your most captivating creations with ease. See what we did there? Use to display finished artwork. Best with most 9" x 12" and 12" x 18" Chalk Couture™ surfaces.

What accessories is your favorite? I ordered the Paste Scraper and I can't wait to try it out! 

Wanna shop for some Chalk Couture stuff? Click here to check out all the amazing items! 

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Paste vs Ink - What's the difference?

This is your go to guide on everything you need to know about Chalk Couture Pastes and Inks!

Are the paste and inks designed to be the same colors (are the reds the same, green, navy, etc.) or are they different?
While some pastes and inks share the same color name, they are intended to be as close as possible but may not be identical. Because of their formulation and unique pigments, they will dry with different intensities.

Can I mix Chalkology Paste and Chalkology Ink on the same project?
Yes, however, do not mix the ink and paste together. Do not heat set the paste. (This means if you are heat setting a project with an iron, do not iron the paste. If you are heat setting an oven-safe surface, do not use paste on the project.)

Is there a different “look” in the dry finish between paste and ink (matte, glossy, thickness, rough vs. smooth, etc.)?
Yes. Paste is more matte and tends to level on its own. Ink dries more glossy and doesn’t level on its own, so you will need to smooth it to get the finish/thickness you desire.

Will either fade in daylight?
Any color will fade over time, but fading is accelerated when exposed to daylight. Avoid exposing your projects to long periods of sunlight and direct sunlight.

Is ink non-toxic?
Yes, but ink is not for human consumption and should be kept out of reach of children. Note that the metallic inks contain trace metals. Any accidental ingestion should be reported to your physician.

Can you mix ink colors together and on a project like you can paste colors?
Yes, no problem.

Can I mix ink and paste together?
No. The ink and paste cannot be mixed together, because the ink needs to be heat set and paste cannot be heated.

Can you still do techniques like marbling and ombré with ink?
Yes. They are trickier techniques with ink, but they do work.

Can I remove the ink from a hard surface project? (Like scraping off a plate/board with a craft knife?)
If you have heat set your project you should consider it permanent. If you haven’t heat set your project, the ink may come off completely, smudge, or smear in water or when rubbed briskly. On hard surfaces, you may be able to scrape off non-set ink with a craft knife. It will not come off cleanly like paste can and should be used carefully as it is not forgiving on surfaces, particularly fabric.

What is the difference in consistency with paste and ink?
With paste, you may see a difference in consistency. Each color has its own unique formula, so paste consistency can vary. You will not experience a significant difference in ink consistency. However, paste is typically thicker than ink.

Does ink dry more quickly or slowly?
Ink dries much slower than paste. You may wish to use a hair dryer to speed drying, particularly if you are making a project with layered colors.

Will ink bleed through fabric?
Yes, ink can bleed through fabric. Use an Ink Mat to protect your surfaces. Ensure you remove the Ink Mat before ironing your project to heat set the Ink.

Can I heat set my project while the Ink Mat is underneath it?
No, remove the Ink Mat first, because it is not heat proof.

Do I need to “seal” ink projects, even after heat setting?
No. The heat setting seals a project.

Does ink “interact” differently with our Chalk Transfer designs than paste? (Will ink stain my Transfers?)
Yes. Ink will likely stain your Transfer, although staining does not harm your Transfer. Some of the darkest colors of ink can stain the silk portion of the Transfer. The staining will not discolor the next project you make with that Transfer. However, wash your Transfers immediately after using Chalkology Ink. Because ink is permanent, it can clog the screen or pull at the Transfer if allowed to dry (and again, it is less forgiving than paste).

How long do you heat set fabric?
You will need to heat set a fabric project for 4 minutes on each side (inked side AND non-inked side) with a medium heat iron. Ensure you use a barrier between your iron and inked surface, such as parchment paper, and keep the iron moving in small circles—don’t let it rest in one spot.

Can you heat set non-fabric items? What about surfaces that can’t tolerate heat (like plastics or melamine)?
You can heat set non-fabric items that can tolerate heat in a medium oven (300-350° F) for 30 minutes. We recommend waiting for the ink to dry before putting it in the oven. Also, wait for the oven to heat before placing your project inside.
If you use ink on a surface that can’t tolerate heat, do not heat set it. If an item can be baked—like many ceramics, glassware, and cookware—then it will likely be heat safe. Please read all surface information about the item you plan to ink before putting in your oven. You can still use ink on surfaces that don’t tolerate heat, just remember they are not permanent, because they haven’t been set.

Can I use ink on dishes?
Ink is designed for décor items, and while you may choose to decorate common kitchen items (platters, plates, mugs, etc.) the ink was not formulated to be in direct contact with food or beverages.

Is the ink dishwasher safe?
Yes. Ink is dishwasher safe once it has been heat set.

Can I put ink on my chalkboard? If so, do I need to heat set it or just let it air dry?
Yes, you can put ink on your chalkboard, however we don’t recommend heat setting a chalkboard. Remember ink is designed to be permanent, so it may not completely come off even if it is not heat set.

What’s the best way to clean up after “accidents” with ink?
Any “project rescue” suggestions?

If it is only a small drop of ink, you can let it dry completely and peel it off (depending on where it has spilled; some fabrics it will soak into immediately). If it is a larger area, and ink won’t pull off, you may need to start over OR try to ink over the mistake. It will depend on the surface, because ink may stain even if it hasn’t been heat set.

How do you clean up your Ink Mat when you are done?
Use water to wipe it clean. Do not use a disinfecting wipe, because it will take the adhesive off your mat.

How do you layer designs?
Heat set the ink between layers. After you let the first layer dry, you are safe to layer on top of it. To speed this process, you can use a hair dryer after each layer.

What’s the life of ink when stored?
Chalkology Ink, similar to Chalkology Paste, will last longest when stored in its jar, tightly sealed and in a cool, dry place when not in use. Cap immediately after use or between projects to prolong life. Both paste and ink are best when used within 3 months of purchase.

Like these pastes and inks but not sure what Chalk Couture is- Click here to read all about it! 

Wanna shop for some Chalk Couture stuff? Click here to check out all the amazing items! 

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

New En Vogue Chalk Couture Paste Colors!

Yes... you heard that right! New En Vogue Chalk Couture Paste Colors are out and they are the perfect addition for this Spring and Summer! These colors are so versatile and can be added and used for so much!  

Here is the break down of the new colors: 

February Specials:

Preferred Customer—Paste Perfection
Did you know that Club Couture subscribers have a great opportunity to stock up on Chalkology™ Paste at a discounted price. Through February, Club Couture customers (Preferred Customers) can save 20% on full-size Chalkology™ Paste (3 US fl. oz. jars).

Customers must order (and be logged in) through My Chalk Site to take advantage of the discount. All Club Couture subscribers have been emailed the details of the promotion. Remember that February is a great time to shop the new Spring/Summer collection items while you are stocking up on paste and they’ll also save on shipping with their larger order!)

All colors are eligible and there are no maximums or minimums required.

Like these pastes but not sure what Chalk Couture is- Click here to read all about it! 

Wanna shop for some Chalk Couture stuff? Click here to check out all the amazing items! 

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