Friday, September 16, 2011

New Adventures!

So much has changed in the past few weeks! Rob is now a Kern County Deputy Sheriff! I'm so proud of him!! He started in Monday, September 12, so he is living down in Bakersfield. Which mean.... Kellan and I are moving in with my mom! We've decided to save a little money and since I am in school, I might as well live with my mom since Kellan and I will be moving in January and I know she will miss us to pieces! I've started another semester at Delta, and taking 12 units {what was I thinking?!?}, so if I'm hard to get a hold of, I'm sorry!! I've got a lot on my plate.... please forgive me!! Ill be back to normal after the wedding.... I hope! 

Kellan just loves his helmet and bike riding with mommy! 

His silly face!

Kellan turned a year and a half this month too!! He says mom-mom and dada all day long. He also ways baaath {bath}, and buu {bus}, and on a good day hi! I can't wait to hear more!! It's just so fun being Kellan's mom!!  

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