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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Check out my Valentines Day 3 Tiered Tray // Come chalk with me!

 This year I had a great time creating my Valentines Day 3 Tiered Tray. I made a few more items with Chalk Couture to add from last year. I was so excited that I was able to find quite a few Valentines Rae Dunn Mugs. And after a few trips to Hobby Lobby and Target I knew I was set for all my Valentines Day Decor around the house. That was until I remember to look in the garage for my Valentines Day decor from the previous years. That was when I found 8 MORE Rae Dunn Mugs! Um.... so 14 mugs total! Don't tell my husband! I even have a double! Whoops! But I always say you can never have enough Rae Dunn... and Chalk Couture!

I got each of the kids a bag that I filled with candy and a heart box of Chocolates. Plus some yummy soft sugar cookies! I got my husband a bottle of wine.  

Tier 1 

I start with a Wink Wink Rae Dunn Mug. Inside the Mugs, I placed a chalked shelf sitter with a XOXO mini transfer from the Sprinkled with Love Transfer. I also put 2 glitter hearts from Hobby Lobby. I bought a small white framed chalk board and added the XOXO and hearts from the Hugs & Kisses Transfer. I then placed that inside a red candle holder. To top it off, I used a red & White Bead Garland with a wooden heart.  

Tier 2 

I start with a Red XOXO Rae Dunn Mug on the left. Inside the Mug, I placed some more glitter hearts along with a heart cookie cutter. Then I added Couple Goals Rae Dunn Mug to the right. In front of the mugs is a wooden faux wooden roller pin that says "Made with Love" from Hobby Lobby. Hanging off that roller pin is a small wooden sign that says "You are Loved" from Hobby Lobby.  

Tier 3

The bottom tier starts with a Heart Rae Dunn Mug to the left. Inside the mug is 2 spatulas - 1 white with XOXO's from Target and a Red with XOXO from Rae Dunn. Also inside the heart Mug is a glitter heart. In the Middle is a small pink bowl from Ikea. Inside the pink bowl is a shelf sitter with a chalk I "heart" You mini transfer from the  Sprinkled with Love Transfer. On the right is the light pink Soul Mate Rae Dunn Mug with a few glitter hearts. I filled the bottom with Hersheys kisses. 

On the right of the 3 Tiered Tray, I made a Valentines Tablet Holder with the Love Knows No Boundaries Transfer. I used 4 different pinks and I did the Ombre' effect to make the colors blend together! 

To the left of the 3 Tiered Tray is a Pink sign that I painted with Pink paint and then used Black Velvet Chalk Paste with Love Brings Us Home Transfer that is retired.

 In front of that is a box of yummy cookies from Target with a Shelf Sitter on top that I used the February 14th mini transfer from the Sprinkled with Love Transfer. This transfer is currently in the Last Change Section so once its gone, its gone for good! I really love this transfer! 

Do you decorate Valentines Day? 
I really enjoyed creating this years Valentines Day 3 Tiered Tray! I hope you love it as much as I do!

 Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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Friday, January 24, 2020

Valentines Day Blocks

While a Target searching through the dollar spot, I discovered these small size wooden blocks with winter sayings. I knew that these small blocks would be perfect for my white 3 tiered metal tray I got from Hobby Lobby.  I use my tray to decorate for different holidays along with my Rae Dunn mugs (which i collect---don't tell my husband!).

So here's what I did:

1st- I painted each block with black chalkboard paint- 2 coats to get great coverage over the printed saying on the block. Let dry completely between coats.

2nd-  Pick you favorite Chalk Couture small transfers from the Sprinkled with Love Transfer. These are great because there are 12 small transfers all on 1 transfer sheet.

3rd- Pick your chalk paste colors. I picked Peony, Raspberry Sorbet, Bright White, and Candy Apple.

4th- I placed my transfers on the small block and applied paste. 

5th- Once you are done applying the paste, pull off and place in a water bath. It helps for easy cleaning. 

I made 3 small blocks and loved how they turned out. 

The best part of these block are that they are changeable. Since I painted them with chalk paint, I can spray with water to remove the chalk paste and then they are ready for the next project! 

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Until then...

Sara ;) 

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