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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Come check out my favorite accessories from Chalk Couture //Come chalk with me!


You know when you find something great, and you are just so happy that you ever found it?! Well that is how I feel about some of our Chalk Couture Accessories! I haven't tried out all of the accessories, but here are some of my favorites of the accessories that I have used. 

SKU: T201107
$5.99 USD
Use for fast paste removal on gallery and boutique surfaces. Spray the board with the Fine Mist Sprayer, let water sit, then scrape—so satisfying! 

Fuzzing Cloth (12" x 18")
SKU: T191101
$7.99 USD
Double-sided cloth. Use the microfiber side to clean your board before use. Use to terry cloth side to fuzz. Place your Transfer on the Fuzzing Cloth to gentle the adhesive before use. 12" x 18" is a perfect fit for C-sized (and smaller) Transfers. Fuzz larger Transfers by sticking and peeling repeatedly. 

Transfer Backer Sheet (10-Pack, 8½" x 11")
SKU: T183107
$3.99 USD
At 8½" x 11", these Backer Sheets are perfect for organizing and storing smaller cut-apart designs. These are amazing because trying to fit the backing back on the original transfer can sometimes be hard, so if the are smaller than 8 1/2 X 11, I put them on one of these. No more fighting with the backing! 
SKU: T183105
$4.99 USD
Our classic Squeegee improved! Vertical for easier grip and removing paste from jars. 1¾" x 2½". These are easy to clean and easy to use! 

SKU: T183104
$7.99 USD
The Multi-Tool of your dreams allows you to create your designs with ease and grace. Use one end for detailing your artwork, and the other to mix and scrape paste or ink in and out of your jars. Measures approximately 6½" x ½". 
SKU: T183102
$2.99 USD
Magically remove lingering Chalkology™ Paste or "ghosting" on surfaces. These also work wonders when cleaning your transfer too! These are always a hot seller, so make sure to get them when you can! 2-pack; 3½" x ¾". 
SKU: 50117107
$14.99 USD
The Handled Squeegee is ideal for making quick work of your largest projects. Use to apply paste or ink in smooth, even strokes for great coverage. I like to use this while making pillow covers! Measures approximately 4".
SKU: Z2224171B
$29.99 USD

Use to speed dry time of ink and paste. The movable kickstand is perfectly convenient while the tool cools down, and flips out of the way when not being used. Two settings, 120 volts. 

What are your favorite accessories? Let me know! I love to hear about how other people use there accessories! 

 Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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Like these but not sure what Chalk Couture is- Click here to read all about it! 

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Saturday, August 7, 2021

New Accessories from the 2021 Autumn/Winter Chalk Couture Catalog // Come Craft with me!

There are so many great new items from Chalk Couture from the 2021 Autumn/Winter Catalog! With all these new items you will have the supplies to support your creative spark! 

Come check them out!

SKU: T2131103
$14.99 USD

Get ahold of these two amazing brushes and two specialized tools. Perfect for adding a splash of color or an all-over color wash, fine detailed pasting, correcting mistakes, and adding other artistic touches like a boss.
Adhesive Magnets (12-Pack, 1”)
SKU: T2131104
$2.99 USD

Round magnets with adhesive on one side to adhere to your project. Works great with our 3” x 3” Box Frames (item S213111) and Simple Shapes, along with any magnetic surface. 
Double-Sided Box Frame (9" x 9")
SKU: S2131110
$19.99 USD

Twice the creations, twice the fun. Double-Sided Box Frames are wide enough to stand on their own, or can easily be displayed on walls or easels. Each frame features a fresh shade of stain on one side and a white-washed finish on the other.

Our beautiful farmhouse surfaces are versatile, timeless, and add the perfect shabby-chic touch to anything. Prep these surfaces by waxing them (Surface Wax, item T203112) for smooth Transfer removal. One-time application.
Box Frame (4-Pack, 3" x 3")
SKU: S2131111
$14.99 USD

These single-sided surfaces reflect the classic design of all our box frames. The sweet 3” square size is just delightful.

Pennant Banner (12" x 18")
SKU: S2131113
$9.99 USD

A textile product you know and love, but with an updated stain on the dowel and a new leather strap for hanging. Coordinates well with C-sized Transfers.

Block Set (3-Pack, 11", 6 1/2", and 4 1/2")
SKU: S2131112
$17.99 USD

The perfect sizes for versatility and fun, these work well with just about any Transfer you can imagine, including some we’ve specifically designed to coordinate. You’ll love to rock these blocks with chalk.

Simple Shapes Base (2-Pack)
SKU: S2131115
$3.99 USD

Display any of our simple shapes (round, square, or rectangle) upright and proud in these sweet little wooden stands.

Simple Shapes Rectangle (2-Pack, 5" x 12")
SKU: S2131114
$9.99 USD

We love a simple shape for the huge variety of ways it can be used. Put your creativity to work with these all-purpose rectangles. Works well with our Simple Shapes Base, Power Punch, and Adhesive Magnets.

Three distinct pumpkin shapes, ¾” thick, ready for you to squash all your most gourd-geous autumn and halloween projects.

Autumn Cutouts (4", 6 1/4", and 6 1/2")
SKU: S2131109
$14.99 USD

Can you “be-leaf” how cute these classic autumn-themed shapes are? Two leaves and one acorn shape, ¾” thick, ready for you to “fall” in love with. Coordinates with the Autumn Cutout Patterns Transfer (item D2131116).

Decorative Tree Cutting Board
SKU: S2131108
$9.99 USD

The classic wood grain of our Decorative Cutting Board in a delightful new shape and slightly lighter stain. Spruce up your décor with this tree-mendous chalkable surface. Not food safe.

Rustic Round (16")
SKU: S2131107
$17.99 USD

We are pleased to present a beautifully rustic surface with a warm brown woodgrain tone. The 16” round size makes a strong and classy impact. Includes hanging hole.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Re-stock alert! Plus what is on my wish list for this restock!

This restock is almost like a mini launch! It's such a large restock, and I can't wait to get my hands some that I didn't grab in the original launch. This last launch has been so popular, that a lot of items have been sold out! 

Here is everything that is being restocked!
A Size
B Size
C Size
D Size
E Size
Chalk Pastes
Singles: Shimmer Shadow (12-Pack) PS203156
Try Me Kit

Here are the items that are on my list to get today! 

Items will be available at 3 pm MST, today, August 20th
PLEASE NOTE: For those of you who ordered some of these items in previous orders and they were back ordered, please know that your order will be prioritized and inventory allocated to fulfill any pending back orders. We are working as hard as we can to get these items out to you as soon as possible!

What is on your list? Just imagine all the fun projects you could be making with these re-stocked items! 

What Is Chalk Couture?:
See how to create with Chalk Couture:

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