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Thursday, February 8, 2024

2024 Spring Collection- Easter items // Time to get your chalk on!

Celebrate Your Way

Whether you’re a fan of rustic neutrals or a pop of pastels in your Easter décor, create what makes your heart hippity-hop for joy with our line of Chalkology® Paste and Ink, unique surfaces, and seasonal Transfer styles!


Here comes Peter Cottaintail, hopping down the bunny trail toward a beautiful, farmhouse inspired piece. This Easter Transfer is made to be the focal piece of your seasonal décor! Just look at it! With so much detail and delicate, rustic flair, it's a can't miss.

                      Easter Eggs

Four great egg-shaped designs are perfect on just about any surface. Use them individually or layered together, and accent with a beautiful Easter lilly. This is a whole basket-full of egg-cellent projects, just waiting to be found! 

Add dimension to any project with reusable Couture Boutique® Chalkable Shapes! This set includes 4 pieces to coordinate with our Easter Eggs Transfer to make your décor pop. 

                      Carrot Farms

Etched carrot designs and timeless farm-inspired sentiments? We say yes! Bring spring home with the Carrot Farms Transfer.

                        Hopping By

Did you "ear" how cute this sweet A-sized Transfer is? Add your own ear-resistable touch to any Easter-themed project with this fun design.

                       Spring Bunnies Pattern

You'll be hopping for joy when you put this Transfer to work! The pattern can be repeated top to bottom or side to side for larger surfaces or used in sections for smaller surfaces. Great for classes and workshops, this is a Transfer every bunny will be springing to use.

                    Coaster Set (7 Pieces)

Whether it's a hot chocolate or something a little stronger, nothing beats setting your beverage on a cute, customized coaster! Forget coffee table books, these Couture Boutique® surfaces are the best conversation starters for a crafter. Coasters measure 4" in diameter and can be sealed for one-time use or washed and re-chalked as a reusable surface.

                Hill & Crosses

Build your own Easter hill scene with the layerable elements in this stencil. Design pieces are ready to work together to help you create your own spiritually-inspired piece of work. 

              Spring Cottontail Market

Vintage Easter has arrived at the Spring Cottontail Market and we're not hesitating to say every bunny is welcome! This hand-drawn image yields a high-end project every single time!

                   Bunny Kisses

Chicks, bunnies, hand-drawn images, and more; capture the full essence of Easter all in one cut-apart Transfer. Create a full vignette, work the pieces together, create gifts and gift packaging, and do it all with Chalk Couture!

                Lamb And Goose

Duck, duck—oh wait, it's a lamb—GOOSE! This adorable duo surely has a story, perhaps a fairytale of sorts about two unlikely friends and their grand adventures. With playful accessories to dress them up a bit, have fun with the whimsy of this Transfer! 

Add dimension to any project with reusable Couture Boutique® Chalkable Shapes! This set includes 2 pieces to coordinate with our Lamb And Goose Transfer to make your décor pop. 

          Egg Hunt Paste Palette Pack

Your search is over for the Egg Hunt Chalkology® Paste Singles Palette Pack! Each Palette Pack includes 6 singles (.19 fl. oz. each): Sunny Side, Peony, Peach Cobbler, Wisteria, Shimmer Olive, and Eggshell Blue.

Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Check out what I ordered from the new 2021 Spring/Summer Catalog!

This Spring/Summer Launch is a great one and I want to share all the goodies that I got with you! It's time to celebrate the warmest and brightest season of the year with beautiful home décor, artfully crafted with high-quality designs, tools, and surfaces. Create inspired pieces that will bring your space to life.

Size A


A2111101 • $9.99

What a whimsical, fun, summery project! Light and bright, this will be adorable when paired with your other summer décor. It’s little, it’s bright, and it’s the perfect way to acknowledge the glorious color of sunshine! 


A2111103 • $9.99

Who doesn’t love a little touch of sass in their kitchen? We sure do!


A2111105 • $9.99

Valentines, love, family, friends: this is the Transfer that perfectly notes the love you have for it all! This phrase alone fits on a 5” x 5” surface, or the line and heart elements can be added as borders on (up to) all four sides. This is great to make a cute little hand-lettered piece as a wall hanging or to add to your tiered tray.


A2111108 • $9.99

Sometimes real life is just real life! Announce it unapologetically in a cute and modern handwritten, skinny typeface font, “This house was clean yesterday. Sorry you missed it.” And whether “yesterday” actually means yesterday—or perhaps your house hasn’t been clean in a bit longer than that—we don’t mind. We just love your cute sign!

A2111114 • $9.99

Can you hear the gentle, peaceful call of the sun, sky, sea, and sand? They’re calling you to a calmer place, away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Answer the call and respect the serenity by setting to work on the Sun, Sky, Sea & Sand Transfer. Create a bright and fun project that will help you answer the crafty call of it all.


A2111115 • $9.99

Do you ever have a day that just makes you stand up and cheer? For those days (and the days you wish felt like that), you’ll want to display this classic Transfer. 


A2111118 • $9.99 

We love summertime, we love easy livin’, and we love this one-and-done Transfer. This is designed so you can separate the umbrella by using a different color than the sentiment, or leave it off all together. Let the bright summer sun inspire you as you set to work creating this cute little project.

A2111121 • $9.99

This whimsical Transfer captures the true essence of possibility. Celebrate your graduate with a custom gift, inspire your children with playroom décor, or add a dreamy touch to any space. The reversed-out design features text cut into the clouds for a bold look.

Size B


B2111102 • $14.99

We love a bold font and a bold statement! This B-sized Transfer creates a bold display piece that will only be enhanced by the color(s) you choose to create with. Life is filled with ups and downs; do more of what you love to make this life more wonderful!


B2111107 • $14.99

This cute summer design celebrates the hot lazy days of summer. Add as many bright colors as you’d like to make it really bright and fun. 


B2111110 • $14.99

Dress up your office, homework space, classroom or craft room with the Work Hard. Play Hard. Transfer. We’ve put the emphasis on “play” because that’s our favorite part! Highlight it in an accenting color for a great pop of playfulness. 


B2111113 • $14.99

Get ready for the Easter festivities with this cute cut-apart Transfer! This piece includes two ready-to-use sentiments, plus some egg-stra possible accents. It’s perfect to pull off different words, parts, or pieces and just let your creativity take charge. The egg has a base color and then two options for accent stripes. Choose a sentiment and then use the eggs to fill up any egg-stra space on the surface. Hop to it!


B2111114 • $14.99

This Transfer is a fun, contemporary, hand-lettered style. Create this all in one color as a one-and-done, or accent greenery and select words in different colors to match your space. We love that this is a landscape orientation and we loooove how this looks when used to add meaning to a gallery space or a larger grouping of different home décor pieces.

B2111115 • $14.99

This Transfer, inspired by subway art, highlights all the best things about the mothers in our lives. Chalk only selected words, vary your colors, or make it all in a one-and-done move using a Handled Squeegee (item T2111101). This Transfer is one versatile mother. 


B2111116 • $14.99

Let your chalky adventures begin! This graphic art style combined with a fun block font is a nod to the outdoors, nature, and those who love adventure. This looks great on tote bags, shirts, display pieces, and more. For a fun effect, try watering down some Chalkology TMPaste in different colors and use it to paint inside the details of the line-art image. The circular design is a fun touch for a modern look. 


B2111118 • $14.99

This is a great coffee-themed Transfer for all the true coffee lovers out there. This is great all in one color as a one-and-done, or you can call out the details in different, accenting colors. For a different look, pull off “Rise & Shine” or “I caffeinate and hope for the best” and use them on their own. This Transfer is great for small projects, large projects, and any other way you want to “espresso yourself.”

B2111130 • $14.99

We get it. Your craft room or creative space is the very best space you go. “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy craft supplies, and that’s pretty close.” Every crafter has either said or thought those words at some point in time! This design looks amazing in bright, happy colors. Use the icons and illustrations separately for smaller accent projects, Christmas Tree ornaments, labeling your organization system, or anything else. Make a whole set of projects using just this one, fun Transfer!


B2111135 • $14.99

This evergreen Transfer makes for great displays all year long, or put it on a reusable surface when there just aren’t holidays to decorate for! The design features a line drawing in a fun and graphic style. This can be easily created all in one color as a one-and-done, or you can use Placement Tape (item T183101) to tape off sections to chalk additional colors. Remind yourself to “Make like a lighthouse and shine!”


B2117139 • $14.99

Today is a good day for opening new doors. Just look at this Transfer! It’s a “key-per” for creating beautiful décor that will remind you of your helping to change the world. You purchase of this Old Keys New Doors Transfer donates $2 to Chalk Couture™’s partner charity, Watts of Love. Open your heart with us. Not only will you receive an exclusive Transfer that unlocks countless décor possibilities, but you’ll also spread your light to others. Win-win!

Size C
SKU: C2111116
The shadowy effect of the mountains and trees in this Transfer remind us of nature’s beauty. “The Great Outdoors Are Calling” is a fun sentiment that is perfect for all your outdoorsy friends. Line up the elements of this Transfer easily using the included registration marks on each piece.

C2111123 • $24.99

Decorate for St. Patrick’s day, or any day you want to recognize the best and luckiest parts of your life. Add the two layers of the Celtic knot as desired, or drop it off and use the sentiment alone for a more evergreen project. 

SKU: C2111120
Create a cute gift for Grandma, perhaps to give her this Mother’s Day. We all know life is better at Grandma’s house. Recognize it with this modern, san serif font with universal appeal. The frame can be chalked or left out. That awesome frame can even be used on other projects for an extra touch, like when we added it to the napkins on the front of our Spring/Summer catalog! Create this project in Grandma’s favorite colors.
SKU: C2111122
The scripty font of this Transfer encompasses a feeling of serenity. We hope that by creating projects with this Transfer and displaying them with pride, your guests and housemates will truly feel welcome. The accent house and roof are separated to give it some detail, which also makes it easier to add additional colors if desired. This Transfer is a good size, simply created, and just one Chalkology™ Paste Single can complete the whole project. Great for beginners or quick projects.

Size D
SKU: D2111108
This Transfer starts with a left-aligned typewriter font, with some white space to let your eyes focus on what’s most important. This Transfer ends with a meaningful brush script font that brings the whole magnificent message home. Your heart knows what’s possible and it’s time to recognize that nothing you pour yourself into is pointless! Create a statement piece that will help you overcome pride, inexperience, and the faults of reason so you can get out there and succeed!

Size E
SKU: E2111101
Cut it apart so you can put it together! The Bless Our Home Wreath Transfer is just waiting for you to add your touch of love for all the spaces and places you call home. We have lots of ideas we want to see you try! Try making a porch sign with the greeting, “Bless Our Home.” Switch out the buildable wreath for the letter “o” in “home.” Make a HOME sign either vertically or horizontally. Layer wreath elements on top of each other for dimension and interest. Create an organic looking wreath with both letters, or try using the green-leaf part twice (rotated slightly) for a special project. This Transfer creates a nice big sign for your porch, for your home, and for your enjoyment! 

I can't wait to get my order of all these amazing transfers! So much great stuff! 

Now to make my list for part 2 of the 2021 Spring/Summer Launch for all the new chalk  pastes and accessories to drop in 2 weeks in February 16th! 

Which transfers are you favorites? Drop me a comment to let me know! 

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