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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Come see all the new goodies in the Winter Warm-up Release from Chalk Couture!


Fall in love. Light it up. Look ahead. Warm up your winter with these hot designs that will spark your creativity and fire up your fabulosity!

12 New items just in time to get your creativity a boost after the Holidays! 

SKU: A2043152 
$9.99 USD
Celebrate Valentine’s Day—and every other day of the year—with those you love most with this fun confetti-inspired design. Create an ombré effect using your choice of traditional Valentine colors like Raspberry Sorbet, Candy Apple, Peony, or Bright White.

SKU: A2043153
$9.99 USD
Can we talk about how cute this Transfer is?! For anyone who is the milk to your cookie, the cheese to your macaroni, you’re going to need to put your paste to this Transfer. This playful and flirty message captures all the fun of being in love. We love the look of this on a Pallet Sign (5½" x 7½") or any Chalk Couture A-sized surface (5" x 7").

SKU: A2043154
$9.99 USD
Snarky. Cheeky. True. The gentle reminder to “Refrain From Whining” applies to kids, adults, coworkers, customers, and more. This old-fashioned font gives your project a vintage feel with modern sass.

SKU: B2043209
$14.99 USD
Whether it’s a sign at Grandma’s house or a piece of Valentine’s décor, every time is the right time for “Hugs & Kisses.” The small, cut-apart icons are great to accent the larger sentiment and can be easily repeated to create backgrounds. 

SKU: B2043210
$14.99 USD
With the Confection Candy Hearts Transfer, your finished projects will be a sweet topic of conversation. This cut-apart Transfer captures an iconic part of Valentine’s Day with flirtatious phrases and just a little sass. Create a whole set of iconic, romantic hearts by layering pieces together in bright or pastel colors.

SKU: B2043211
$14.99 USD
This Transfer will be good all year long and is perfect in any chalk or ink colors you have on hand. It’s a great one-and-done that reminds us why we love love. 

SKU: B2043212
$14.99 USD
If you’re looking for something to make as wedding gifts, to give to your one and only, or display in your home, the Hold Onto Each Other Transfer will be your go-to. The sans serif font mixed with an elegant script makes this design both feminine and masculine. It’s a classic, evergreen Transfer that you’ll be reaching for all year round.

SKU: C2043160
$24.99 USD
Cut this Transfer apart and use the convenient registration marks to build a playful rainbow. Select bright and varied color palettes for a playful style, or go for a more refined look with softer hues. If you’re somewhat over the rainbow, try using just the “I love you” portion of the sentiment separately. Create beautiful pennants, wall hangings, and more in mere minutes.

SKU: C2043161
$24.99 USD
Talk about heart to get! You’ll be pumped to try four different patterns, all in one Transfer. These fit on both sides of our Heart Cutouts (5¼" and 7”), but also look great on any chalkable or inkable surface. Stick with traditional Valentine hues, coordinate with the pigments in your home, or try a funky color combo that’s fresh for February 14 and beyond. 

SKU: D2043138
$29.99 USD
This Transfer fits well on a Square Pillow Cover (17½" x 17½”) or any D-sized surface (18" x 18”). The meaningful sentiment looks great as a one-and-done, though highlighting select words or birds in accent colors really helps them fly off the surface.

SKU: S2043111
$12.99 USD

Hubba hubba! These hearts can’t be beat (especially when paired with the Heart Patterns Transfer). You’ll fall right in love with every heart-shaped creation.  (5¼" and 7”)

SKU: PS211103
 $13.99 USD
Luxe Palette Pack includes 6 Paste Singles (.19 US fl oz): Peachy Keen, Papaya, Ocean Mist, Colonial Blue, Shimmer Frost, and Shimmer Gold. 

I've created a few Valentine's Bundles! Check them out here:

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