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December Club Couture - Good Things // Come Chalk with Me!

The December 2021 Club Couture™ Transfer is a great way to kick off your new year, sending vibes for good things to happen in 2022. For new chalkers and those who prefer a more simple project, this Chalk Transfer® design looks amazing chalked all in one color. For meticulous crafters and those who like to take things above and beyond, it’s a great chance to show off detail work, adding different hues to the design.

We’re showing off a bit here with a busier design; make it pop with a surface sized to allow a bit of empty space in the border around it. We’ve chosen to add our old staple Bright White (item P181121). The subscription includes Chalkology® Paste Singles in Couture Teal, Eucalyptus, and Peachy Keen, which can be used here or saved for future projects.

No matter how you chalk it, good things are going to happen!

Supplies Included

Club Couture Transfer: Good Things—December Club Couture Chalkology® Paste Singles: Couture Teal, Eucalyptus, Peachy Keen
Additional Supplies Needed

Surface: Sylvie White Frame (9" × 12") Chalkology® Paste: Bright White

Tools: Color Trays, Fuzzing Cloth, Detail Tool, Multi-Tool, Mini Squeegee

Color and Placement Suggestions

Bright White (additional paste): swirls, “good,” “things,” “happen” Eucalyptus: greenery, “are going to”
Peachy Keen: accent flowers, banner dashes

Follow these instructions to complete this project:

1. Remove your Transfer from its packaging and carefully peel off the Transfer Backer Sheet.

2. “Fuzz” the Transfer by gently pressing onto a Fuzzing Cloth and carefully pulling it upward. This will make the Transfer easier to remove from the surface after you’ve applied the paste.

3. Center the Good Things Transfer on the surface and smooth it out to ensure it has properly adhered and that there are no bubbles or wrinkles.

4. Knead your Chalkology Paste Singles. Cut open the corner of each packet and squeeze the desired amount of paste onto a Color Tray, using a new tray for each color.

5. With the curved edge of your Multi-Tool, thoroughly mix your jar of Bright White Chalkology Paste and scrape excess paste from the jar sides.

6. Use your Mini Squeegee, Multi-Tool, and Detail Tool to apply color over your Transfer (see “Color and Placement Suggestions”). Select your tool based on whichever size best fits the various Transfer elements. Once the screen portions of the design are completely covered, use your tools to remove excess paste as evenly as possible; excess paste can be scraped back into the tray or jar. The more excess paste you remove, the better the result will be.

7. For best results, divide your project into sections and use the chalk-and-pull method. This allows you to work in smaller sections without having the paste dry in the screen, which would give you patchy results. Chalk the top section of the design and peel back only that portion of the Transfer to let the paste dry on the surface before continuing (use the Quick Dry Tool for a fast dry). To prevent any stretching in the Transfer, peel from the center or from both corners, instead of peeling diagonally.

8. Gently lay the Transfer back down over the chalked section. Ensure that the next section is fully adhered, and repeat these steps as you work your way down the Transfer.

9. Once your design is fully chalked and before the paste dries, remove your Transfer from the surface and immediately clean the Transfer with cool water (do not let it soak).

10. Dry the Transfer flat with the sticky side up. Once completely dry, reapply the Transfer Backer Sheet and store flat.

11. Show off your latest DIY project to friends and family. And remember, good things are going to happen!

Want to see a quick Video on how it is done? 

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Are you ready for a new year? I know I am! Let's hope for the best year yet! 

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