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Friday, June 14, 2019

Last day of school!

This school year went by way to fast! This year Kellan and Arley had amazing teachers! I was able to help in their classes every Thursday. I love to see my kids in their classroom setting, playing with their friends and completing school activities together. Both kids seem to love when I help in their classes, but I'm waiting for the day they don't want me to help ;( But until then, I'll be in their classes helping out.

I'm a sucker for photo ops so I printed off some last day of school pictures- Which I found here: 


It was Hawaiian Day so the kids got to dress up! They always love to dress up on spirit days. 

I was able to leave work early and pick both kids up from school. I love getting pictures at school. There is just so much excitement. This years PTA was on top of it and had an End of Year photo op! 

I was able to snap a picture of Arley and Mrs. Costello when she released the kids one last time! Mrs. Costello is such an Amazing teacher. This is our 2nd time having her, and we hope to have her again once Mason gets into Kindergarten.

Then every year, I like to surprise the kids with Balloons at home waiting for them. I have done this ever since preschool and I love the reactions they have. 

After we stopped home for a few minutes, I took them to Tom's Used Book and Cold Stone. These kids love Tom's Used Books Store. Kellan loves finding WWII books and Titanic books and Arley loves the puzzles and all the cats roaming around. Then we walked across the street to Cold Stone and  had ice cream! 

We had such a wonderful last day of school! But we are ready for SUMMER! 

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Until next time

Sara ;)

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