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Monday, January 2, 2023

What is Chalk Couture? Come see what the fuss is all about and see why I love it soooo much!

 You have heard me talk about it and you have seen my projects- so what is Chalk Couture?

Chalk Couture is a craft product that is both can be temporary and permanent. There is 2 types of product that is used.  There is chalk paste which is a normally a temporary if put on the proper surface. And then there is Ink which is permanent after being heat set. The best part is the transfers!!! There are so many transfers that fit for every occasion possible. With all theses items, your projects are endless. 

As a busy working mom, I don't have time to spend hours on creating cute chalk boards and buying a ton of different seasonal decorations to be used one. As a crafter, I love to make my own holiday decorations and have made so many decorations with Chalk Couture items. You wanna make a pillow for Christmas and than use that same design on a chalk board- you can do that! You want to make tea towels for a group of people- you can do that! 

Here is a breakdown of what Chalk Couture has to offer: 

Transfersthese are reusable silk screen stencils in a variety of sizes from 5" x 7" all the way to 18" x 24" with designs and patterns for just about every occasion. These transfers can used 8-12 times so you really get your money's worth! Some transfers come with one designs, while other transfers can be cut apart. There is even transfers that cut into 12 small transfers that fit perfect on chalkable chips - 3" circles are a chips that are ideal mini project.

Chalk Paste- Which is known as Chalkology™ Paste - comes in 30 colors, 3 shimmer and 5 en vogue (limited) color and in 3 fl oz containers - which also can be combined to create an unlimited amount of colors! These are think pastes the become fully dry in about 5-10 minutes or faster with a heat gun. They are easy to use. They glide on easy to the transfer and what ever is not used can go back into the paste pot. You will be able to utilize every bit - even if they dry out a bit- add water and stir and they come back to life. No waste here!Can also be applied to other nonporous surfaces such as mirrors, windows, glass, painted walls, and painted furniture. Hard, matte finish when dry. Used chalk but want to make it permanent?!?- spray with a clear aerosol sealer. Or change it up each season ( as long as its not on a porous surface) and spray with water and wipe clean. Ready to use for your next decoration. 
Ink - Which is known as Chalkology™ Ink - Come in 23 different colors which include shimmer colors and in 3 fl oz containers.  Who doesn't love a little shimmer! Chalkology™ Ink is specially formulated for use with Chalk Transfers™ and Chalk Couture™ surfaces. Ink offers permanent color when heat set and is ideal for fabric, apparel, and glass. Want to make shirts for the kids- than this is your go to! 
Accessories- Tools are what make the job easy and create an amazing piece or work. So making sure you have the right tools is the key. You need to use paste in a small area - there is a tool for that! You want to use one color for the whole project - there is a tool for that too! Need to wax a project before - yep! You guessed it! There is a tool for that as well! And they are all so easy to clean up too! Check out my favorite tool HERE! 

Surfaces- Last but definitely not least- these are a big one! I have used Chalk Couture surfaces and I have you non Chalk Couture surfaces. It really just depend on your project. But Chalk Couture has amazing surfaces to use. Did you want a framed surface or a pillow case? Or maybe a banner will work best for your project. Whatever it is, Chalk Couture most likely has. And if not- Hobby Lobby does!
Whatever you reasons, do it with me! As a long time crafter, this has to be one of the easiest crafts around. The best part is that anyone can do it- you don't need to be crafty to do great at this. 

Have questions or want to try it out with me? Let me know! I will be having chalk parties, make and takes and Ladies nights soon! 

 Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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