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Sunday, October 16, 2022

My 2022 Halloween Tiered Tray // Hocus Pocus 2 inspired // Let's get to crafting!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and Hocus Pocus is one of my all time favorite Halloween movies. So when I heard that Hocus Pocus 2 was coming out just before Halloween this year, I knew that I wanted to theme this years Halloween 3 tiered tray after Hocus Pocus 2.

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Top Tier

From the left, we start with the Winifred Sanderson Funko Pop, then Sarah Sanderson Funko Pop, and then Mary Sanderson Funko Pop - all bought on Amazon last year. In front of the Sanderson Sister Funkopop are a small wooden caldron from the Target Dollar Section. In the back is a Hocus Pocus Rae Dunn Mug. The hand painted Halloween beaded garland that I made last year starts off the top tray. 

2nd Tier
From the left a Wicked Witch Rae Dunn Mug. Inside the Mug is a orange Trick or Treat Rae Dunn Spatula. Hanging on the Spatula is a Boo Tag that I made that year. Click HERE to read all about it. Also inside of that mug is a purple witch Hat from the Dollar Tree. Next to that mug is a metal black spider that I bought many years ago at the Disney Museum in San Francisco. Kellan was a baby when we visited the Disney Museum so about 11 years ago. I front of the spider is a 
vintage candy corn that I bought years ago at the Lodi Street Faire. It's one of my favorite decorations for Halloween. Next is a Candy Corn Brush tree from Target. Next to the tree is 3 glass potion bottles from the Target Dollar Section. They are Ghost's Breath, Zombie Skin and Dragon Scales. Behind those is a purple Witches Brew glass bottle that I got at the Dollar Tree a few years ago. Next to that on the right is another Candy Corn Brush tree from Target. he hand painted Halloween beaded garland continues onto the middle tray and drops down to the bottom tray. 
Bottom Tier
Starting from the left side is the Witch's Brew Rae Dunn Mug. Inside that mug is a green witch hat from Dollar Tree. Next to the mug is a large and small 
vintage candy corns that I bought years ago at the Lodi Street Faire. Next to the candy corns is a Johanna Parker Pumpkin Cupcake Man Shelf Sitter that I found at Marshalls. Next to him is another metal black spider from the Disney Museum. Behind the spider is a Purple Potion Rae Dunn Mug. Inside the mug is a black Spooky Rae Dunn Spatula that I got from Marshalls. Also inside the mug is an orange witch hat. The hand painted Halloween beaded garland continues on the bottom and hangs off the right side with a pumpkin at the end to finish it off. 

On the left hand side of the 3 tiered tray is my Pumpkin Cook Book Stand that I made. Read all about it HERE

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What is your favorite piece on the 3 tiered tray? I really love them all this year! 

Are you ready for Halloween? I know I'm ready for my little trick or treaters to dress up! 

 Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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