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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Welcome to our Porch Pillow - DIY pillow cover to welcome everyone to your porch!

Gather. Chat. Repeat. We can't think of anything we'd rather do. Welcome guests to the most homey part of your home with this cordial design.

 I love to make pillow covers for each of the holidays! So I decided to use the Welcome to our Porch Transfer. It fits perfect on a 18 x 18 Pillow Cover. When we bought our house, I loved the porch. I envisioned all the holiday decorations that I could put on our porch. I love sitting on the porch with drink while watching the kids play. Mason is always sitting down on the chairs too! I always says "sit down mama. Sit with me." How can I say no to that! So I knew that I wanted to make a pillow cover that makes everyone feel welcomed! 

Want to make this? I'll show you how!

Supplies needed:
-Pillow Cover - I got mine at Hobby Lobby
-Welcome to our Porch Transfer - C Size - 12" x 18"
-Inking Mat- I use a old Silhouette 12" x 12" Mat 
-Parchment paper

**Best part about these supplies is that one you buy them, you can use them over and over with other projects!** 
Step 1
Iron your pillow cover so its easy to work with. I used my Cricut Heat Press. It makes it so easy to iron it in large areas. 

Step 2: 
Get everything you need into your work area. Open up and use your Stir Stick to stir your ink so it's ready to go. Place your Mat inside the pillow so help it stabilize your pillow cover from moving around. This also helps it from leaking to the back side on the pillow. On certain pillow covers, depending on the zipper placement, you can do a different design on the back. With this specific pillow cover, the zipper is in the top portion on the back, so I can't use the back. 

Step 3 
Lay your transfer down in the position you would like it on the pillow coverDon't fuzz! I repeat, DO NOT FUZZ! I have noticed when working with textiles, it's best not to fuzz. You want all the stickiness that you can get. This is the 1st time I used this transfer so it was really sticky. That is what you want! Press down on your transfer well so it adheres very well to the pillow case. This is important to help not get leaks through the transfer. 

Step 4
Apply Cadet Chalk Couture Ink on your transfer. I like to put on at one side of the transfer and use my Handled Squeegee to pull the ink from one side to the other. Depending on how much ink you applied, you may have to apply more ink. And remember, any ink left over can be put back into the jar to be reused! 

Step 5
Remove the transfer and either place in water bath or clean immediately. With ink, I like to clean right away so it doesn't stain the transfer too much. Stains on the transfer doesn't hurt it, but I like it to look as clean as possible. Once clean let dry. Once dry, please backer back on the sticky side of the transfer. 

Step 6
Now you can either let it dry for 24 hours or use a heat gun to dry it. I normally just  let it dry and come back to it the next day. 

Step 7
Once completely dry, now it is time to heat seal your design. This way if the pillow case gets dirty, you can wash it without losing your design. First make sure you take out the Silhouette Mat before you heat seal it. You don't want it to melt inside you pillow cover. I use a heat press from Cricut. You can set it to a specific temperature and set a timer to make sure you heat set it correctly. Place a piece of parchment paper down. This protects your design. I heat set at 305 degrees for 30 seconds. Since this is a large area, you will have to do this multiple times. Flip over and do that back to. 

Step 8
Grab a pillow and stuff inside of the pillow cover. When Hobby Lobby was having a sale, I grabbed a few that were like $2. 

Viola! You are done and have a great pillow to put on a chair on the porch. Gather. Chat. Repeat. Grab a drink and catch up! I can't think of anything else I'd rather do with friends and family.

How easy does this project look? And with all the ink colors, your possibilities are endless. You can customize to your homes colors. 

What Is Chalk Couture?:
See how to create with Chalk Couture:

What Is In The Kit:

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Until then...

Sara ;) 

Thursday, January 2, 2020

We upgraded!

Its been a while since my last post, but I feel that our lives are going in super speed. We sold out house in record time and closed on our new house just a short time after that. We planned on painted before we moved in, but we were too excited to wait. Plus it took us a while to agree on a paint color. We start to move things in, then took a break to go to DISNEYLAND! We had this trip planned already, so we just had to go. But more about that trip later. Plus the Holiday were which lands me right into peak season for UPS. 

We have so much more space! We are not used to it all yet. We have meet all of our neighbors and they all seem so nice and friendly. Since we live on a private drive, they kids have so much room to play without the worry. 

They kids are adjusting well being in a new area. We have some other Barrington cousins just down the street, so they have built in play buddies. We haven't decided to keep the kids at their school now, or move them to the school in our area. 

Kellan and Mason are sharing a room, which I'm sure Mason is just loving. They have a really big room, so there is a ton of play space. 

Arley finally has a room to herself again. I can't wait to make it all girly! At first she wasn't sure about  sleeping all by her self, but now she has adjusted well. 

Our room is twice the size of our old room. I didn't think our old room was small until we bought this house. Our room has great windows to bring in the natural light. 

And I get a craft room! I'm sure Rob wasn't too thrilled, but its better contained in a room than down stairs in the so called Man Cave or Bar area.... I see it more as a family room myself. But having all this extra room is so nice!

The kids have so many areas to play- our big back yard, our private drive and the cul de sac! We don't have to worry so much about people driving too fast by our house. 

We have painted and upgraded some items but have a long way to go... but we are getting there- one step at a time! 

Until next time! 

Sara ;)


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