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Friday, May 31, 2019

Open House 2019

Open House 2019

Open house this year was great! I just love seeing all the work both kids have done through out the year out on display. This year has flown by too fast! We had great teachers who put so much effort into their lives! They love them just like their own and guild them into smart kids!  

We first went to Arley's classroom with Mrs. Costello. We just adore Mrs. Costello and love her so much since Kellan was in her class in Kindergarten too! I was so excited that Arley was in Mrs. Costello's class too!


Then we were onto Kellan's 3rd grade class with Ms. Fyffe. This is ms. Fyffe's first year teaching and she did a great job! I'm sure she learned a lot from this great group of kids! She has a lot of patience with the kids (more than I ever would)! She won't be at Reese next year, so we will miss her! 

How did your kids Open House go this year? Leave me a comment with your favorite teacher! We gotta love our teachers! They are shaping the world- one mind at a time! 

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Sara ;)

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