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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

1st Day of School 2020!

School has finally started again and it's a whole new game! We are at a new school since we moved, and our school district has decided on distance learning for the 1st quarter. This change was made last minute. We, including the kids, would rather have them in school. But we are dealing the cards we have been dealt, and making the best of it. 
Kellan is in 5th grade. We were able to meet his teacher through the drive through supplies pick up. Mr. Baker seemed really nice and Kellan hopes to be in the classroom soon! 
Arley is in 2nd grade. Arley said he teacher is awesome! She loved meeting her teacher during the drive through of supplies. Arley is eager to make new friends at her new school. 
Mason is having some one on one time with Mom Mom doing preschool activities. Between Mason not wanting to potty training and the unknown of school, we decided to keep him out for this year. Mom Mom has been doing preschool activities so he won't be too far behind. I'm really bummed that he isn't at our normal preschool, but we home that things will be back to somewhat normal for next year. 

The last quarter of school was really rough on the kids. The unknown of everything and the newness of online school made it tough for the kids. Plus they were constantly home without interaction with their friends. But we watched ALOT of movies and made the best of it! 

Eventually the kids will go back to school and life will go back to normal, and this will just be a memory. We are so lucky that we have the support from my Mom (Mom Mom) who helps out in so many ways! The kids and I are so grateful for her! 

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Until next time!

Sara ;)

Thursday, January 2, 2020

We upgraded!

Its been a while since my last post, but I feel that our lives are going in super speed. We sold out house in record time and closed on our new house just a short time after that. We planned on painted before we moved in, but we were too excited to wait. Plus it took us a while to agree on a paint color. We start to move things in, then took a break to go to DISNEYLAND! We had this trip planned already, so we just had to go. But more about that trip later. Plus the Holiday were which lands me right into peak season for UPS. 

We have so much more space! We are not used to it all yet. We have meet all of our neighbors and they all seem so nice and friendly. Since we live on a private drive, they kids have so much room to play without the worry. 

They kids are adjusting well being in a new area. We have some other Barrington cousins just down the street, so they have built in play buddies. We haven't decided to keep the kids at their school now, or move them to the school in our area. 

Kellan and Mason are sharing a room, which I'm sure Mason is just loving. They have a really big room, so there is a ton of play space. 

Arley finally has a room to herself again. I can't wait to make it all girly! At first she wasn't sure about  sleeping all by her self, but now she has adjusted well. 

Our room is twice the size of our old room. I didn't think our old room was small until we bought this house. Our room has great windows to bring in the natural light. 

And I get a craft room! I'm sure Rob wasn't too thrilled, but its better contained in a room than down stairs in the so called Man Cave or Bar area.... I see it more as a family room myself. But having all this extra room is so nice!

The kids have so many areas to play- our big back yard, our private drive and the cul de sac! We don't have to worry so much about people driving too fast by our house. 

We have painted and upgraded some items but have a long way to go... but we are getting there- one step at a time! 

Until next time! 

Sara ;)


Monday, September 2, 2019

We started school a month ago--- Finally getting to this post!

School is back in...FINALLY! WE have been back in school for a month and I life has not slowed down! We had a great summer but I am happy to have the kids back in school! But first a little about our summer break.

We had a busy Summer! I have gone a little quite due to being worn out from all we have been doing plus working and Mason being a night owl! I might need to get him the book Go the F**K to sleep by Adam Mansbach. He has hit a rough patch and wants to go to be late.... and I mean LATE! I just put him to bed and its 11:05PM. He is wild from start to finish with 1 nap during the day. If you know some tricks or some vodoo shit.... I will take it gladly!

The kids took a Jiujitsu summer camp for 2 weeks at Valley Fit in Stockton and they LOVED it! Great people and great training all the way around! The kids are begging to go back.

Then at work I had an Internal Audit.... Which is always fun! If you are a UPSers, then you know the joy of always getting ready for KETER! But, I get to spend time with some great co-workers when they are here so I don't mind!

Then the kids went up to Truckee for a few days! Lucky kids! They got to go swimming, and crawdad fishing and all kinds of outdoor stuff! Auntie Katie and Papa Jack are the best! We love them and are so thankful that they love our kids just like there own grandkids!

Last but not least, we celebrated Masons 2nd Birthday! I can't believe he is 2 already! He is such a wild boy at heart and always keeps us on our toes. Especially since he can reach inside the sink... HELLO knives!! He is such perfect fit to out wild and crazy family!

Towards the end of our summer, we headed off to Burney Falls at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park  for our annual Mooney Family camping trip!

And guess what?!? We are selling our house! But more about that on the next post!

Until next time!

Sara ;)

Friday, June 7, 2019

How our summer is going.... so far!

So we are almost a week into summer break and it has not been easy! All the kids want to do all day is eat and drink! Momma doesn't have time for all of that! Rob is off normally Mondays and Tuesdays so they kids go to sleep in on those days but the rest of the week they have to get up earlier since I've got to drop them off at Mom Mom's house! They are not happy about getting up early! So it's definitely a struggle. Then add Mason in. This little boy has not made it easy. He must be going through a growth spurt or something because he doesn't want to go to sleep at night! The past 2 nights he has gone to bed at 11:30pm! Momma needs her "ME" time! I end up going to be straight after I put him down. So this weekend I will be catch up time for laundry and cleaning! YAY!! 

We did take time to go to the Lodi Farmers Market in Downtown Lodi. It's always a great time and the kids love to get a snow cone. The Lodi Farmers Market is a Certified Organic. They have great vendors for fruits, veggies, flowers and small businesses! You've gotta get out to the Lodi Farmers Market and support out local Vendors! 

This week has been a shit show, but hopefully next week is better! The kids start a 2 week summer camp so they will be out of my mom's hair for a few hours! 

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Until next time

Sara ;)

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Keto Wednesday- Enchilada Soup

Keto Wednesday- Enchilada Soup

I love finding something that my whole family loves and it is Keto friendly at the same time. This Enchilada Soup is a staple in the Barrington household! Everyone loves it and I can easily add side dishes to give everyone else carbs. Plus, its pretty easy to make so I make a big batch so I can take it to work and we can have it again another night.

Here's what you need:
Dutch oven or large pot OR Crock Pot (I'll give directions at the end)
4-6 chicken breasts
4 cans of red mild enchilada sauce (normal size)
7 cups total of chicken broth
1 onion- chopped
garlic powder
toppings: sour cream, shredded cheese, sliced olives

How to make it:
Take the chicken- thawed or frozen- (I normally use thawed or fresh- it's just faster) and put it the Dutch oven. Pour 1 can of enchilada sauce and 3 cups of chicken broth and cook for about 45 minutes thawed or 2 hours frozen. I like to flip the chicken every 15 minutes to make sure they are cooking evenly.

Cook your chicken
Add 3 cups of chicken broth

Add 1 can of mild red enchilada sauce

After they are cooked, shred chicken. I have to best little secret to easy chicken shredding- use your KITCHEN AID!! I know, it sounds crazy but it's a life saver! Just put the cooked chicken into the Kitchen Aid Bowl and use the paddle on a medium low setting. Don't over do it! You don't want chicken dust.

Once your chicken is shredded,  dump out the sauce you cooked your chicken in and put the chicken back into the pot. Add the other 3 cans of red enchilada sauce and 4 cups of chicken broth. Cook on simmer.

In a different pot, add butter and melt. Add your chopped onion and cook until soft. Once the onions are soft and translucent, add into pot with soup.

At this point, I add salt, pepper, cumin and garlic powder to taste. I don't always measure everything, just go by taste. I normal use a good amount of cumin in the soup.

Let all this simmer for about 30-60 minutes- stirring every 20ish minutes.

When done, laddle into bowl and add toppings. I like sour cream, shredded cheese and sliced black olives. This is usually how my kids want it too. They sometimes will add tortilla chips to dip into their soup. This past time I made white rice and added that in to their bowls before I added in the soup make it hardier. They loved it.

This is my left over lunch at work.

If you want to make in in the Crock Pot, its even easier! If I plan it out well enough, this is the way I like to make it! I add chicken, 3 cans of red mild enchilada sauce, 4 cups chicken broth, chopped onions, salt, pepper, cumin and garlic powder all in and cook for about 8 hours on high. Once done, I pull the chicken out and put into KITCHEN AID and shred chicken. I don't dump out anything, I just put the chicken back in and stir.

Volia! You just made dinner that everyone will love!

Please let me know if you make and how everyone likes it!

Watch out for more Keto recipes from me on Wednesdays! 

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Until next time!
Sara ;)

FYI- I don't know the nutrition facts. I am not a certified nutritionist. Please consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for accurate information and any dietary restrictions and concerns you may have.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Mother's Day 2019 Recap

Hey Everyone! I had a great Mother's Day this past Sunday. I got to go grocery shopping by myself. I treated myself to a non Keto Starbucks. The kids were mostly good- only a few meltdowns. My mom came over and I made us all dinner. I know what your thinking... "Why were you not being pampered by your Husband?" Well I'm not his mother and he had to leave out of town for a business trip for work. I may be the mother to his kids, but he pampers me many other times during the year, so I'm ok with that.

Before I get into how we spent Mother's Day 2019, I just want to take a minute to talk about the most important woman in my life... my mom. My mother has been an amazing mother to me. She has always been selfless by putting me first. Being a single mother, she had to work extra hard just to provide for us. She didn't get child support from my father, who was never in the picture. And she never complained that she had to do it all. I had everything I ever needed and she did it all! She is such a strong women for that and I am so thankful for everything she did for me! 

My mom walking me down the aisle at my Wedding! Love her!

I wouldn’t be the woman, the mom, the wife I am today without her. She has shown me, my family, and my friends who are like family unconditional love. She is always first to offer help with anything. I am so honored to be her daughter. Thanks Mom! I love you!

Now onto how I spent my Mother’s Day. As a mother with 3 kids, I am always happy to go to the grocery store by myself. Just sippin my coffee while I shop is like a little piece of Heaven to me. So my husband watched the kids while I shopped. He knows if I take the kids, I will forget half of everything on my list. I asked my Mom to come over for dinner. we love spending time with Mom Mom.

For mother's Day, I just got my mom a few little things. Here's what I got her:

I made Salmon, veggies, rice and shrimp kebobs. I baked the Salmon in the oven. I prep my salmon by melting a stick of butter and mixing lemon juice and pouring that on top. Then I top it with lots of minced garlic, salt, pepper and basil. Bake it for 40 minutes at 400. It always turns out great! I took the easy way with the rice and made 
Rice-a-roni. I grilled the zucchini and shrimp kebobs on the grill. The Kebobs were a little too spicy for our liking, but everything else turned out great. 

Even though my 3 kids drive me crazy most days, I am so grateful they are mine. I love watching them grow every day into little independent people. As much as I want them to grow up so they can tell me what hurts, or explain what they mean, I really just want them to stay little. Stay innocent. But they can’t. So I will help them when they need help, I will teach them when they want to learn from me, I will comfort them when they are hurt, and I will hold their hand until they are ready to be free. I will always be there, whenever they need me. I have had many jobs in my life, but the best job is being a mother. I love them today, I’ll love them tomorrow and I’ll love them forever.  

Until next time....

Sara ;)

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