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Monday, February 3, 2020

February Club Couture

February is finally here which means a new transfer! I can't wait to get it and try it out. But I wanted to let you see it ASAP! Once I get and and chalk it up, I will do another post to show how I used the transfer. 

Supplies Needed:

Club Couture Transfer: 
Welcome to Our Home

Chalkology Paste Singles: 
Raspberry Sorbet

Small Squeegee
Mini Squeegee
Transfer Trimmers
Fuzzing Cloth
Self-Healing Work Mat
Permanent Marker

Box Frame (9" × 12")

Color and Placement for Club Couture: Welcome to Our Home 
1. “welcome to our”: Raspberry Sorbet
2. H,M,E letters: Mauvelous
3. Wreath “O”: Eucalyptus

4. Berries: Raspberry Sorbet

Follow these instructions to complete the Club Couture project:
1. Prepare your Chalk Transfer by removing it from the packaging and cut apart the individual elements. Label the backer papers with marker to correspond with the image. This makes cleanup easier.

2. When you remove the backer from the Transfer screen, be sure to “fuzz” each element to gentle the adhesive by sticking the adhesive screen to a Fuzzing Cloth or terry cloth towel to pick up a bit of lint before applying it to your surface.

3. Position your Transfer elements on the board and smooth them out to adhere to your surface, ensuring there are no bubbles.

4. Prepare your Chalkology Pastes by kneading the packets, tearing off corners, and squeezing desired amounts onto a dish or other palette surface. Stir paste if using 3 US fl. oz. jars.

5. Use a generous amount of Chalkology Paste on the desired squeegee and smooth it over the Transfer (see color and placement suggestions above).

6. Once the screen portion of the design is completely covered, scrape the excess paste off as evenly as possible and wipe unused paste back onto the palette or into the jar. The more excess paste you remove, the better the result.

7.Carefully peel back the Transfer before the paste dries and immediately put it in water to clean thoroughly. Once clean, let dry with sticky side up.

8. For best results, wash and dry each Transfer element and the squeegee before reusing. 

9. Allow sufficient dry time of your surface (or use a hair dryer to speed drying) before layering subsequent steps; especially when placing the berries on your wreath.

10. Repeat these basic techniques with all elements of your design.

11. Once all the Transfer elements are clean and dry, reapply all backers and store flat.

Want to watch a video on how it is done- Click Here!

If you need to add a Kick Start Kit- Read all about it here. 

Wanna shop for some Chalk Couture stuff? Click here to check out all the amazing items! 

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Until then...

Sara ;) 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Family Friday- Ladies Day with the Mooney Ladies

After years of talking about having a ladies day, we FINALLY did it! They men of the Mooney side have been having a Guys day out for years now, and us women always talked about doing it. But like always, we would always forget or get too busy. Then another guy’s day would happen and it would remind us that we have forgotten once again to plan a ladies day. But this year was different! Alison was on top of it and planned it out. She did an amazing job with giving us many different choices. But, Mother Nature knew that we were trying to plan something, she threw a wrench into our plans and decided for rain to be in the forecast. Since our plans were to be outside, Alison asked Lisa to help out with the plan and change the area to the Sacramento area. Lisa did a great job and gave us lots of options. We picked an Escape room with lunch after. 

So I normally am not the driver in my family, so it took me a bit to find the place. But I found it. As I was parking, Lisa, Auntie Vicki and Jeanette were walking by. Perfect timing! I joined them and we made our way to the Sacramento Escape Room. Alison joined us and we waited to be check in. They like to start all the different teams at the same time so we waited for a few minutes. Fine with me since I was KID FREE! We were trying to escape the Séance Room. 

You have 1 hour to escape.... Seems easy, but it’s not! There were 5 of us, and it took about 30 minutes just to get into the next room. We had a blast working together, and doing something completely out of our normal. We were so close to escaping. We want to do it again! Maybe next time against the guys! I felt that the experience was pretty amazing and so detailed! You get up to 5 clues to help you escape. There is a time clock in the room so you know how much time you have left. I would give it 5 out of 5. 

After our Escape Room, We walked around for a while and looked for a good lunch spot. A hostess at another restaurant recommended this place called The Porch Restaurant and Bar. Just perfect for the 5 of us. We sat outside and the weather was great at the time. We ordered drinks- I had a mimosa. Then we ordered lunch. There were so many great items on the menu. I went with the Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork on top. It was pretty good. By the time lunch was over, the rain has really started to come down. We moved inside to ride out the Storm. We sat inside for at least an hour. 

It was so great to meet up with the ladies and have some girl time. As women, we never make time for ourselves. There is always someone who needs help with something, laundry needs to be done- an actually put away- No my strongest suite, a diaper to be changed, dinner to be made or about a million other things to be done. But we FINALLY made time for us. And it was nice. Rob was off that weekend so he has all 3 kids! I think he was happy for me to go since he knows that I always put myself last. I mean, I did get a few calls from him to see when we would be done, but overall he was great! 

We are already talking about our next Ladies Day plans. I don't think we have to only do it once a year.... Did I hear wine tasting and spa days?!?! 

Until next time! 

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