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Friday, May 24, 2019

Memorial Day Sale

Did you see that I am having a Memorial Day sale!?!?

Use code: MEMORIALDAY for 20% off your whole order!

There are a ton of red, white and blue items to celebrate! With 4th of July coming up, this is the time to buy!

Head over to Sara Nicole Designs Etsy Shop and don’t forget to use code: MEMORIALDAY for 20% off!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Maker Monday- Mermaids

Maker Monday- Mermaids

This Monday will be all about Mermaids! I love the ocean and everything about it so making ocean inspired crafts was top on my list! I offer a lot of mermaid items my Etsy shop- Sara Nicole Designs

When I do craft shows or shop pop ups, I bring items that are one of a kind and that are not listed in my shop. Many of them are mermaid items life bracelets and necklaces.

Mermaid hair clips set of 3 - pink - purple - teal
$6 for a set of 3
Link to shop:

Mermaid scale earrings 
$5 a pair
Link to shop:
These are perfect for anyone who loves mermaid! Pick from 8 different colors!

Colors available: 
Dark Purple
Light Pink

Earring base:
Bronze color
Silver color
No Edge

Mermaid sequin bow -baby bow - mermaid baby bow

Link to shop:

Mermaid sequin headband are perfect for your newborn baby! Comes in 2 colors and headband is 15 inches. The headband doesn't stretch much.

Colors: Pink Sequin Bow
           Purple Sequin Bow

If you are mermaid lover like me, head over to Sara Nicole Designs and check out what I've got! 

Until Next time!


Monday, May 13, 2019

Gotta show our teachers love too!

Maker Monday! 

Every year I make my kids teachers a gift for teacher appreciation week. We’ve gotta show some love to the people who shape their minds!! This year, I decided to offer some gifts for people to buy for their favorite teachers in their lives. I wanted to make them affordable since many parents have multiple kids in school. I don’t want to break the bank while getting gifts, so I knew I had to offer them at great deals. Here’s what I offered:

Gift #1 - set of 3 pairs of earrings- $12
                    - 1 set red apple earrings 
                    - 1 set glass apple earrings 
                    - 1 set green apple earrings 

Gift #2 -  set of 3 pairs of earrings- $12
                    - 1 set red apple earrings 
                    - 1 set glass apple earrings 
                    - 1 set red faux druzy earrings

Gift #3 - 1 adjustable bracelet- $10
                    - #1 teach glass charm 
                    - red heart charm
                    - 1 silver Apple charm

 Gift #4 - 1 set of big red apple earrings 

Check out my listing here:

I love all these sets and with nothing over $12, you aren’t going to break the bank! Next year, I plan to have more. These would also be great for an end of the year gift too! 

Check us out on Instagram- @saranicoledesigns
Check us out on Facebook- @Saranicoledesigns23

Until next time...

Sara ;)

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Hi! It's me again!

I know…. I know…. it’s been forever since I posted here. But being a wife to a Police Officer who works in one of California’s most dangerous cities, mom with 3 kids who works and tries to keep the house decent while making semi-healthy dinner is NO JOKE! But I am trying to give myself more time to me and do what I love…. crafting and being creative.

Let’s update everyone on our family:

Kellan- 9 years old (I know!) – He is all about the Lego Life.  This kid loves anything Military! He has already planned going into the military after High School.

Arley- 6 years old – She is Miss Sass! This girl is having an amazing time in Kindergarten. She loves to dress up and put on make-up, ride her bike and use as much glitter as she can on everything! 
Mason- Almost 2 (EEK!) – Mason is a little tornado, running around the house and getting into EVERYTHING, but giving hugs and kissed along the way. Mason will turn 2 on June 30th and he has completed out family! The 2 big kids just LOVE having a little brother! 

Have you checked out my 2 (yes 2!) Etsy shops?

I have a jewelry and accessory Etsy Shop


A craft supply shop -

Go now- Check them out and let me know what you love the most! Comment Below!

Well, I’m off to go start some laundry or just stare at my craft table! Until next time! Want to make sure you see all of my awesome blog posts? Sign up for my email list!

Sara ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sara Nicole Designs

So... even though I am crazy busy with 3 kids, a job, sports and life, I am still chugging away at one of my favorite things---- being creative! From earrings to necklaces and headbands, I can make it all! So don't forget to see what I am up to- 
check out my instagram page -@saranicoledesigns. 

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