Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Im Back!

Im back! So much to post since so much time has gone by! We are living in Bakersfield now, which really  is not that bad. Yes... its hot! And smoggy... but we live in a great area so it's really not that bad.

Ok... now on to Kellan. The real reason you all read this blog!

We had his 2nd birthday party in March. I can't believe he is 2! Where has the time gone?!? Crazy!! We had a robot themed birthday party.

And a few more pictures from the morning after his party

Thank you everyone who made it to Kellan's Birthday Party!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Introducing my self as Mrs. Barrington!

We have been married for 2 weeks today! We could not have asked for a better day with the temperature at 71 degrees! When we got to Moss Beach on Friday, it was a little cold, but I wasn't worried. I knew the weather was going to be good and there would be no fog! The day after was foggy! I'm pretty sure we had a few people from up above helping out with the weather! Thank you everyone for who came for spending our special day with us!! More pictures to come!

The Beach House

Uncle Charlie & Kellan

Daddy & Kellan

Uncle Jack & Kellan
My mom walking me down the aisle
Our entrance as Mr. & Mrs. Barrington

Dancing on the dance floor

Cutting the cake

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Adventures!

So much has changed in the past few weeks! Rob is now a Kern County Deputy Sheriff! I'm so proud of him!! He started in Monday, September 12, so he is living down in Bakersfield. Which mean.... Kellan and I are moving in with my mom! We've decided to save a little money and since I am in school, I might as well live with my mom since Kellan and I will be moving in January and I know she will miss us to pieces! I've started another semester at Delta, and taking 12 units {what was I thinking?!?}, so if I'm hard to get a hold of, I'm sorry!! I've got a lot on my plate.... please forgive me!! Ill be back to normal after the wedding.... I hope! 

Kellan just loves his helmet and bike riding with mommy! 

His silly face!

Kellan turned a year and a half this month too!! He says mom-mom and dada all day long. He also ways baaath {bath}, and buu {bus}, and on a good day hi! I can't wait to hear more!! It's just so fun being Kellan's mom!!  

Monday, August 29, 2011

Our wedding is only 2 months away!!!

With the Wedding only 2 months away, we still have so much to do!! Life is crazy busy, but we did manage to get our engagement pictures done! Even better... Kellan is in a lot of them too! I couldn't imagine it any other way! I love my little family!  

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