Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spending Sunday with Allison

This past Sunday, we helped Alison pick up some furniture for her new apartment. We decided to make a trip and go by Eric's and Auntie Maryanne & Uncle John's House too in Tiburon. What a fun trip! We spent a few hours at Eric's new apartment. He was wonderful and he feed us yummy food!!! Then we headed to Auntie Maryanne's & Uncle John's house. Johnny & his son was there with Uncle John. It was a really nice visit and we hope to go back soon! Then we went to go pick up Alison's Furniture. After that, we headed back to Davis to unload everything into Alison's apartment. We stayed a while a found that Kellan likes to play with Christmas lights! He has such a fun time!! I can't wait to go back to Davis and spend more time with Alison!

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