Friday, May 1, 2020

The Retired Vault is opening!

Yes--- The Vault is opening and is bring back 3 retired transfers. You heard me right! 

But what is the Transfer Vault? Retiring our Chalk Transfer™ designs is an important part of keeping our inventory fresh, relevant, and on-trend, but we know sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to your favorites. Releasing strategic, retired designs from the “Transfer Vault” is an opportunity for you purchase select designs again—and if you’re new to Chalk Couture, the Vault means you can get them for the first time! Releases will typically include between three and six top, previous designs—available in a limited quantity, for a limited time.

When will Transfer Vault designs be released? The Chalk Couture vault opens twice per year, typically in late spring and early autumn (we aim for May and August, but check timely updates from Chalk Central to be sure when a Transfer Vault release is coming!)

How can we get them? Transfer Vault releases will be available through the “Specials and Deals” tab in your Designer Office and on your Chalk Site.

Will there be a limit to how many I can order?
 Yes, each Transfer design will have a limit of five at launch. This limit may be lifted, depending on demand. 

How long will the Transfer Vault designs be available? 
Limited quantities will be released of each design, so they are only while supplies last. The Transfer Vault closes when special order quantities are exhausted or typically a month after release, whichever comes first.

When will we know which designs you plan to release? 
You won’t, but that’s all part of the fun! You will not get a sneak peek to any of the Transfer Vault designs, but will see them the day they launch in your Specials & Deals tab in your Designer Office or on your Chalk Site.

How will the Transfer Vault releases help build my Designership?
 We’ll place marketing collateral in your Designer Office to share with customers. You can use this release to boost your PV by:
•   Offering customers a “second-chance” at purchasing select favorite retired designs. 
•   Creating a sense of urgency, because the designs will be offered in limited quantity for a  limited time. 
•   Marketing these “favorites” while continuing to focus on our line of current, fresh designs.  

Want to see a video all about this release- Click here

The 3 retired transfers for May 2020 are:
Lemonade - D Size
Anchor & Shells - C Size
Boho Florals - B Size

Quench your thirst for summertime flavor with this fun Lemonade Transfer! This piece includes several elements that can be used together or in addition to other projects. "Squeeze the day" with "fresh squeezed" lemonade in raspberry, strawberry, mango and peach. Pairs well with Magnetic Chalkboard Round 18", 12" x 18" framed Chalkboards, and Magnetic Chalkboard Square 10" 

Anchor & Shells
If you are needing beach decor or if you love the ocean then the Anchor and Shells Chalk Transfer is perfect for you! It includes several different sea shells and two different sized anchors. Pairs well beach decor. 

Boho florals
The Boho Florals Chalk Transfer includes several different bohemian flowers, big and small. It's the perfect Transfer to use alone or can be combined with other Transfers for a beautiful finished project. Pairs well with the Double Welcome Chalk Transfer and the Marriage Labels Chalk Transfer. 

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