Monday, June 1, 2020

June Club Couture - Shine

The June Club Couture has been released and its called Shine. It's a quote by Maya Angelo. This seems to be a great one for these time since they have been so dark for the past few months. Be the light and make sure you SHINE

You have your own special light within—let that glow show and let it shine on others! This encouraging, exclusive Transfer is June's Club Couture design-Shine. Join Club Couture in June and add on this sunny Transfer while supplies last.

Supplies Needed
-Chalkology Paste Singles: Daffodil, Iris, Bumblebee
Color and Placement for Club Couture: Shine 
1.  Wording: Daffodil 
2.  Sun rays: Bumblebee

Follow these instructions to complete the Club Couture project: 
1.   Prepare your Chalk Transfer™ by removing it from the packaging.
2.  When you remove the backer from the Transfer screen, be sure  to “fuzz” it to gentle the adhesive by sticking the adhesive screen  to a Fuzzing Cloth or terry cloth towel to pick up a bit of lint before applying it to your board. 
3.  Position the Transfer and smooth to adhere to your surface,  ensuring there are no bubbles.
4.  Prepare your Chalkology Paste by kneading the packet, trimming  off the corner, and squeezing the desired amount onto one of  your Color Trays or another palette surface. Stir paste if using 3 US fl. oz. jar.
5.  Use a generous amount of Chalkology Paste and smooth it over the words in the diamond at the center of the Transfer and fan out to include part of the sun rays (see color and placement suggestions). Squeegee the excess paste off as evenly as possible.
6.  Working quickly, smooth paste over the remaining part of the rays and quote attribution (Maya Angelou).
7.  Once the screen portion of the design is completely covered, squeegee the excess paste off as evenly as possible. The more excess paste you remove, the better the result.
8.  Carefully peel back the Transfer before the paste dries and immediately put it in water to clean thoroughly.
9.  Once clean, let dry with the sticky side up.
10.  Once all the Transfer elements are clean and dry, reapply all backers and store flat.

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