Sunday, October 11, 2020

Halloween crafts for everyone! A few Halloween bundles you can make into fun decorations!

I love Halloween Decor! And I love crafting! So what does that mean... creating Halloween Decor! My kids and I love to craft together so what's better than making memories with making fun Halloween decorations. 

I made a few bundles to help everyone out for easy to make Halloween Family Crafts! The best part is that with a few go-to accessories, you can work will all of these project! 

These Jack-O-Lanterns pumpkins are great since you can use both sides! Double your crafting fun! Plus this transfer can be used multiple ways so even more ways to craft for Halloween! 

Supplies Needed: 
Transfer: Jack-O-Lanterns
Chalk Pastes: Orange Peel, Black Velvet

How cute are these 6 different Halloween Phrases? So freakin' cute! These surfaces are double sided (again- double the crafting fun!) come with a white side and a tan side.  Fun Fact: You can water down the chalk paste and use it to paint to change the background color. So your options are unlimited! 

Supplies Needed: 
Go To Accessories: Stir SticksFuzzing ClothSmall Squeegee

When I first saw this transfer, I LOVED it! It has a vintage Halloween feel. I love finding vintage Halloween decorations. My family thinks they are creepy looking, but isn't that the point on Halloween ;) This surface is one of my favorites since it is reusable with a good clean and it is magnetic. 

Supplies Needed: 
Go To Accessories: Stir SticksFuzzing ClothSmall Squeegee

The best part of all these projects is that you get more than just one use out of them all. Which one would you do with your family? Add some pumpkin spice cookies and some apple cider along with these projects and you've got a night full of memories! 

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