Sunday, November 8, 2020

My Halloween 3 Tiered Tray - See how I styled mine!

I had so much fun creating my Halloween 3 Tiered Tray this year. I added some new Halloween Rae Dunn Mugs, a Wooden garland, 3 spooky ladies and a Chalk Couture shelf sitter that I made. With Halloween being one of my favorite holidays, I really looked forward to styling this one. 

I made more shelf sitters, but there just wasn't room to put them on there! Oh well, there is always next year! 

Want to know where I got everything? I'll list those out as well! 

As a Rae Dunn Collector, I will say its been really hard at my local Marshalls to find any good mugs. Either we don't get good ones very often or people buy them all out. Which really sucks for us honest collectors. Im not looking to make a buck off some mugs and I really hate to purchase them at crazy prices. And by the rare chance I do find double of a good mug, ill buy both to do a give away on one. I'm sure I could sell them, but I would rather share my awesome finds! I actually found the Pumpkin Queen Mug with the dark orange inside way after the fall season. I don't know if I have ever grab something so fast in my life. There it was... just sitting there waiting for me! I always say, never pass up a great Rae Dunn, because it won't be there next time. 

Top Tier

1. The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus are the main focus on this tier. This might be my favorite part! They are the perfect size and give off a great Halloween vibe. I got 2, Mary and Sarah, from Amazon and Winifred from Ebay. Winifred was the hardest to find. I didn't want to pay alot for these so I just waited, and waited... and waited! I finally found her as a Damaged Box item. Only the box was damaged so it was a win for me! I don't even keep the boxes! 

2. There is a wooden craved pumpkin on the back left side. I found these at Target in the Dollar Section and I grabbed a few. I wish I would have grabbed a few more. 

3. I found these cool Halloween Mug at Marshalls with these spooky pumpkins. I saw it one day and passed it up. Then when I got home I was mad that I didn't grab it. Went to Marshalls a few times after that but couldn't find it. I thought it was goer forever. Then one day while standing in the checkout line, there is was! Just waiting for me! I grabbed it. It's not a Rae Dunn Mug, but it's too fun to pass up. 

4. Inside of the mug is a Shelf Sitter with Boo on it. This a one that I made with Chalk Couture! So easy too! It is the perfect size to sit inside the mug. 

5. This is where my Halloween wooden bead garland that I made starts. I really love making Wooden Bead Garlands for each Holiday! This one was fun since I added glitter to the white beads. 

Middle Tier

1. My Rae Dunn Happy Halloween Mug with an orange inside. This is a double sided mug, with Happy on one side and Halloween on the other. Since I couldn't show both, I picked Halloween to show. This is a Marshalls find. 

2. My Vintage Candy Corn. I actually have 3, but there is a bigger one somewhere else in the house. These are one of my favorite Halloween decor items. I love how they give the feeling that they have been around for 100 years. I got these at the cutest booth at the Lodi Street Faire. They always have the best vintage looking Holiday items. I make sure to grab a few to add to my collection. 

3. This Vintage Witch Print is also from the same cute booth at the Lodi Street Faire. I've had this for a long time and love to display it around the house for each year. I feel like it fits perfect on the shelf and its up out of the way from my kids hands. 

4. My Wooden Bead Halloween Garland makes it way through this tier. 

Bottom Tier

1. This Rae Dunn Pumpkin Season Candle smells so good. Its such a great Fall Candle. I found this a Marshalls. 

2. Next to the candle is a Hand painted Pumpkins from a great Local Artist M. Courtney. She is also at the Lodi Street Faire. I love visiting her booth and added some to my collection. This pumpkin is handing on a orange vintage bottle. 

3. Another carved wooden pumpkin from Target. Can't beat the Dollar Section!! 

4. My Rae Dunn Pumpkin Queen mug! This is my favorite Fall/Halloween mug. If you know me, you know that I am a self declared Pumpkin Basic Bitch, so of course Pumpkin Spice is life for me. When I found this mug at Marshalls, I might have done a happy dance right in the aisle! 

5. Last but not least, my Halloween wooden bead garland ends with a orange pumpkin. I was able to string this garland all the way from the top tier to the bottom tier. I think this garland gives it a great finished touch to the whole 3 tiers.         

Here is a full view of the Halloween Wooden Bead Garland that I made! 

Remember the Cook Book Holder that I made a while ago? If not, check it out HERE. This was so a fun and easy project to make and it fits well perfect with my 3 tiered stand. I use it all the time when making new recipes. 

Do you have a 3 tiered tray you decorate?  
Let me know!
Do you make stuff for your home? 
I would love to hear all about it! 

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