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My 4th of July Mantle for 2021! Come craft with me!

I love decorating for the 4th of July! I love the colors and the feeling it give me - I love my Country and I love to celebrate it! I had a lot of fun creating new items with my Glowforge and Chalk Couture. Plus buying new items when I find them. 

How many items did I make for my mantle this year? 

Want to see my 4th of July Mantle from Last year? 

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Starting on the left is the Freedom sign that I made from a found surface and Chalk Couture items. I loved this sign so  much that I packed it away to use it again. I used 2 retired Chalk Couture Transfers - Freedom and Homespun Stars. I used 3 Chalk Pastes in  Candy AppleBlue Jay (retired) and Bright White. I found this surface at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I painted it with black chalkboard paint. 

Next to Freedom sign is a Land of the Free sign that I made from a piece of scrap wood, scrapbook paper and Chalk Couture items. I sanded the scrap wood and added the scrapbook paper with Modge Podge. After that dried, I added one more coat on top. Once that dried, I took the Home of the Brave Transfer (retired) and used a portion of it. Then I used Black Velvet Chalk Paste

On top of that sign is a small sign I made from a wood scrap. I painted it with blue paint and sanded the edges to give it a vintage feel. Then I used the Star Cutout Pattern Transfer, and used just the Star & Stripes  Forever portion. I just used the Stars & Stripes section. Then I used Bright White Chalk Paste.

The next sign was another sign I made from a scrap of wood. I sanded it and painted it with white paint. After the paint was dry, I sanded the edges to give it a vintage feel. Then I used Herringbone Transfer (retired) with Shimmer Splash Chalk Paste. I let the dry and then I used a portion of the Home of the Brave Transfer. I used just the July portion of the saying Fourth of July. I used Candy Apple Chalk Paste

Next to the July sign is a Stars & Stripes Forever sign that I made from a clearance frame and Chalk Couture items. I painted the front of the frame with white chalkboard paint. I sanded the edges for a vintage feel. The 1st transfer I used was the Star with little starts inside from the Star Cutout Pattern Transfer and  then I used Cadet Chalk Paste. Once that dried, I used the Stars and Stripes Forever portion from the Star Cutout Pattern Transfer and used Candy Apple Chalk Paste.

On top of that sign is a sign I made from scrap wood, Polkadot Chalk Couture Transfer, a cutout from my Glowforge and paint.  I sanded my scrap wood and then painted it with white paint. Then I used the Polkadot Transfer(retired) with Candy Apple Chalk Paste. I then cut the USA on my Glowforge and then painted it with blue paint. Once it was dry, I glued it on! Easy Peasy! 

On the right side, I have my Rae Dunn Let Freedom Ring door hanger from Marshalls. 

Next to that is a large 2 piece America/Celebrate wooden tags set. The set is so large, I just stacked them together. I bought it at Marshalls. 

On top of the Tag Set is a 3 piece Wooden Flag set that I purchased from a local maker named Megan. She makes all kinds of signs and fun wooden items! I love to support other local small makers! 

Now on the left hand bottom side is a Home of the Free sign shipped like the United States. I bought this at Hobby Lobby. 

Next is a United We Stand box art that I bought on clearance from Hobby Lobby. 

Next to that is an wooden anchor that I also used during the year. 

On the top left of the wood burning stove is an America Sign that I made from Scrap wood, paint, Chalk Couture items and my Glowforge. First I sanded the scrap wood and then painted it. I sanded it after it was dry to give it a vintage look. I then used a Chalk Couture June Club Transfer from a previous year that I bought it a special sale. I then used Candy Apple Chalk Paste. I then cut out the work America on my Glowforge and painted it blue. Once dry, I glued it under the USA silhouette. 

On top of the America sign is a wooden firework set from the Dollar Spot at Target. 

The next is a Boom sign that I made from scrap wood, paint and my Glowforge. I sanded the wood, then painted it red. Once dry, I sanded it to give it a vintage look. I then cut out Boom with a firework under it. Then I painted it with white paint. Once dry, I glued it on.

On the right side there is a set of 3 Wooden Stars Cutouts from Chalk Couture. They come in size small, medium and large. I used the Star Cutout Pattern Transfer, which is made for these wooden stars. For the large Start I used Shimmer Splash Chalk Paste, the middle star I used Candy Apple Chalk Paste, and for the small star I used  Candy Apple Chalk Paste and Cadet Chalk Paste and I used the ombre technique. 

I made this USA sign last year from a surface from Hobby Lobby, ribbon and Chalk Couture items. I had some of the individual letter transfers (retired), so I was able to do USA. I used  Candy Apple Chalk Paste and then finished them off with a ribbon accent on one side. 

The Ribbon banner was used for Mason's 1st birthday. He is now 4 so I have gotten use out of it for sure! 

Want to know how many items I made for my mantle? 

 Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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