Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Chalk Paste- What is it and why is it the best items for crafting! // Come craft with me!

Did you know that Chalk Couture has a current stock of 44 Paste colors? Thats a ton! You can create so much with a palette of colors that big! You can even mix them to make an even more customer shade of paste. 

So what is Chalk Paste?
Chalkology Paste is specially formulated for use with Chalk Transfers and Chalk Couture surfaces. 

What can I put Chalk Paste on? 
Chalkology Paste can also be applied to other nonporous surfaces such as mirrors, windows, glass, painted walls, and painted furniture. Hard, matte finish when dry.

How can I remove Chalk Pastes? 
While you can chalk anything, Chalk Paste doesn't come off porous surfaces as easy. But while using nonporous surfaces such as mirrors, windows, glass, painted walls, and painted furniture with some distilled water and a board eraser. There is always a Paste Scraper that helps take it off easily.  

How long does a 3 oz. jar of paste last? 
A long time! When pasting a normal size project, you are not using too much paste. And once you are done pasting, you put the extra back into that jar. It's amazing how little paste you need to complete a project. 

Are there any other sizes? 
Yes! A lot of the paste colors come in Singles! They are in a .19 oz packet and most times can be used  for more than 1 project. Plus you can buy them in a Palette Pack of 6 that come in colors that coordinate.  

Can you mix chalk paste together?
YES! This give you just about an unlimited palette of colors that you can make. Want to match your homes colors scheme- you can do it! That's what makes chalk paste so special- you can customize you projects to what works for you! 

What maintenance does chalk paste need? 
Paste is easy to keep up. When ever you open a jar to use, stir it well. If it feels a little dry, spray some distilled water into it. Spray a little at a time, then stir. Repeat until you get the consistency you want. Before closing jar, give it one more stir. Make you you only use distilled water.  

What are your favorite Chalk Paste Colors? 

 Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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