Monday, January 9, 2023

New Designer Kit is here! January Premium Perks Pack is only $59! // Now is the time to join!



Chalk Couture has dropped a new Designer Kit and I'm super jealous of all these great items that come in this kit! But if you get your Designer Kit, you get them NOW and at a great price! Shut the front door! So lucky!!

Are you ready to create your own future? Designers enjoy freedom, fun, and the potential to live their best life. You’ll get a meaningful, flexible income opportunity (and a cool way to work from home). It’s a great time to join the high-end DIY revolution! Enrolling is easy! 

1. Your Designer is Sara Barrington

2. Order your Starter Kit. Take a peek at all the goodies in our current Starter Kit

3. Grow with us your way! We welcome you to sell our fabulous products, hold workshops, or build a Team! Benefits—Show me the money! Our Compensation Plan is the best in the business!
-Earn up to 40% on all inventory you sell at the retail price.
-Earn up to 25% on all Chalk Site website sales.
-Build and grow your Team to achieve your dream.
Strive for product credit, bonuses, and incentives! Still have questions? We have answers! Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below for everything you need to know about joining the hottest trend around!

 Here's what in the kit!

Chalk Transfer® Designs

  • XOXO Hugs & Kisses
  • Snarky Empowerment Minis
  • Kitchen Collection—Blessed Beyond Measure
  • Lovebug
  • Circle of Love
  • Staying In—January Club Couture™ (Transfer Only)


  • Tiered Tray (10½" x 16")
  • Tiered Tray Essentials (6 Pieces)
  • Couture Boutique® Board & Base (Black, 5" x 7")
  • Chalkable Chips (White, 12-Pack, 3", Round)
  • Couture Gallery™ Aiden Style White Frame (Black, 9" x 12")

Chalkology® Paste

  • Bright White Chalkology® Paste (3 US fl. oz. jar)
  • Candy Apple Chalkology Paste Single
  • Mauvelous Chalkology Paste Single
  • Peachy Keen Chalkology Paste Single
  • Peony Chalkology Paste Single
  • Raspberry Sorbet Chalkology Paste Single
  • Shimmer Rose Gold Chalkology Paste Single
  • Storm Chalkology Paste Single

Tools & Accessories

  • Multi-Tool
  • Color Trays (24-Pack)
  • Small Squeegee

Watch this to see what's in the Winter Premium Perks Pack

What is the promotion?
$265 value (US retail) Premium Perks Pack for just $59 USD/$76 CAD!New Designers who join Chalk Couture™ January 1–31, 2023, can purchase the exclusive Winter 2022 Premium Perks Pack for just $59 USD/$76 CAD as part of their enrollment. This pack is an incredible deal as it includes products valued at over $265 USD/$348 CAD.

What is included in the Winter 2022 Premium Perks Pack?
The Premium Perks Pack includes the following (products subject to change based on availability). This kit also ships for just $20 USD/$30 CAD!

Why will enrolling Designers be interested in this pack?
In addition to all the amazing products, this super-value pack includes access to all Designer perks: 40% off retail pricing, membership in our incredible creative community, AND the opportunity to share and sell Chalk Couture products online, at events, in workshops, and basically anywhere.

Who is eligible for the promotion?
The promotion is exclusive to enrolling Designers.

How long is this promotion available?
January 1–31, 2023.

Will there be other enrollment options for new Designers?
Yes. The $59 USD/$76 CAD Premium Perks Pack is the biggest bang for a new Designer’s buck and their best choice for joining this month. However, the $9.99 USD/$0 CAD one-time Designer Access Pass activation will be available.


Your monthly Designer Subscription is $19.99 USD/CAD (plus tax)
a month and includes a full suite of essential tools! You get a custom e-commerce Chalk Site and Chalk Shop mobile app to sell products. Plus, your Designer Office will help you manage inventory, place orders, and track personal and Team activity. And finally, you get an exclusive Club CoutureTM Transfer each month with free shipping. Your First month’s subscription is FREE!

Can you believe you get all of this for $99 plus tax & shipping? Crazy! Even to become a designer to get the discount is worth it. 

Have questions about any of this? Message me, leave me a comment or send me a DM on Social Media- I'd love to answer them! 

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EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: 25% OFF, Happy Mail, Exclusive Lives, Art Giveaways, and other benefits

Like these but not sure what Chalk Couture is- Click here to read all about it! 

Wanna shop for some Chalk Couture stuff? Click here to check out all the amazing items! 

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