Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our first family Christmas

 So out first Christmas has come and gone and I will say it was pretty sucessful!! I had to work Christmas Eve night untill 7pm so I went straight over to my mom's house. Rob had spent all day at my mom's house, so he went over to his Uncle Barry's house. Kellan was having such a great time with all the kids. It's so nice having kids around during the holiday's. The Santa vistited our house before we all woke up on Christmas morning. Kellan go a play center from Santa and in his stocking from Santa he got socks & snacks! Santa must know ehat he really likes! After opening gifts, we headed to Truckee to spend Christmas Day at Auntie Katie & Uncle Jack's house. Kellan was having a great time! Kellan got some wonderful gifts! I can't wait until next Christmas!

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