Monday, April 13, 2015

Opening day for Baseball! Go White Sox!

While my lucky husband got to go off on a vacation with the boys, I was running wild this weekend too.... but nothing to exciting! On Friday we went to see the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile! I saw a post on Facebook right before I had to pick up Kellan from preschool, so I decided we NEEDED to see it! The kids were kind of confused at first why we were checking out a giant hotdog. But they finally got into it! They even got weenie whistles and stickers!

On Saturday, we had Opening Day for Baseball and Kellan's 1st baseball game. Opening day was fun to see all of the different teams on one field. Kellan is on the White Sox 5-6 year old Machine pitch team. He loves his team! We even got to see when A&W Bear!!

Kellan did great in his first game! He was so excited and pumped to finally be playing in a real game. He hit the ball on his very first swing the first time at bat! I think he was surprised that he hit it too! SO proud of my little baseball player!

I love watching Kellan play baseball! I'm pretty sure i'm going to love being a baseball mom! Arley did pretty well all day too. It was a super long day for her, but she was a trooper. My mom was there, so that was a big help. I can't wait for Rob to watch Kellan play! GO WHITE SOX! 


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