Monday, April 20, 2015

Just a Costco run...

After picking Kellan up from Preschool, we had to make a Costco run. Almost like any other Costco run, but this time it was just Kellan and I. Ever since Arley was born, Kellan and I don't get a lot of us time. I miss it.... just us. I love all the time spent with Arley too. It's just nice to spend one on one time with each kid. So... back to our Costco run- Kellan was such a good boy at Costco today. We went down all the aisles, looked at the toys and even got some samples. Usually with  kids, a Costco run get a little crazy. But this trip was sooooo easy! He was just a perfect  boy the whole time. We even got some lunch and ate at there too! We never get to do that. It made Kellan so happy to sit and eat our pizza and smoothies together. Just us. I look forward to sharing these easy moments with Arley too. Sometimes, all you need is a good Costco run to bring you back together! Love you Kellan!

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