Saturday, March 14, 2020

DIY Beach House Pillow- Make your own pillow!

If I could live by the beach, I would move in a heart beat. But here I am, Stuck in Lodi (see what I did there ;) ). So instead of moving to the beach, I just made a pillow that claims my house as a BEACH HOUSE. I'll have to take that for now.

So here's my step to step guide on this super easy pillow cover I made!

-Pillow Cover 16 x 16 - I used one from Hobby Lobby
-Transfer of choice (I used Sand, Sea & Sun - C181112- Discontinued) 
-Chalk Couture Ink (I used Tide)
- Heat Press 
- Parchment Paper

Step 1- Heat press you pillow to get any major wrinkles out. That just makes it so much easier to work with.

Step 2- Prep your pillow case by inserting something inside so it doesn't bleed through to the other side. I normally use an old Silhouette Mat that has a little stickiness left. But this time it didn't fit inside, so I used a Dollar Tree Plastic Cutting Board! I know... kinda genius! It was the perfect fit and I laid the Silhouette mat on the bottom so it stayed it place.

Step 3- Cut the Beach House transfer away from the Sun, Sand & Sea part of the Transfer. Thats what I love about Chalk Couture Transfers! That one transfers has 2 separate transfers on it. Plus- you can utilize them in same many ways, the possibilities are endless!

Step 4- Cut the Beach House Transfer in Half. You are going to want to do this so you can Ink them at the same time. I made it so much easier than trying to maneuver the large transfer around.

Step 5- Place your transfers onto your pillow cover in whatever design you want. With pillow covers, I never fuzz a new transfer when using it on a pillow cover. It needs the max amount of stickiness to keep the ink from bleeding under the transfer.

Step 6- I like to use Washi tape around the edges of the transfer. It just give me a little more room to work with since Ink isn't forgiving.

Step 7- Open Ink color up (I used Tide) and give it a good stir. Get all the way around the side and mix it up well!

Step 8- Take you small spatula and transfer some ink onto the top section of each transfer. Don't worry if you put too much! You can put it back into the ink container!
Step 9- Take your large handled squeegee and pull the ink down to the bottle on the transfer. Make sure the the ink covers all the mesh area, and make sure the ink is evenly distributed on the mesh area. Make sure to put excess ink back into the ink container. You can use it again!

Step 10- Once you are done with the Ink, Lift off the wash tape very carefully and them lift off the transfer. Don't pull it diagonal, make sure you pull it from side to side or top to bottom. Pulling it diagonal could stretch the transfer.

Step 11- Rinse and clean your transfer ASAP. If you like your transfers pretty, make sure you clean then. I actually bought the plastic thin cutting boards to put the transfer on to clean them. It makes it sooo easy and you are not touching the sticky side. But i'll do another Blog post on that soon.

Step 12- Let your pillow cover sit for 24 hours to dry. YES- 24 hours! I know- it seems like a long time, but you don't want all your work to be wasted on tacky wet ink.

Step 13- After the 24 hour drying period, take out the mat from the inside and the back silhouette mat and place them aside. Warm up your heat press and tear off a sheet of parchment paper. Place parchment paper on the ink design and heat press the whole design at 300 degrees for 60 seconds. If you have to move the heat press around to get it all, than do it! This is going to seal your ink! Now it is permanent!

And Voila! You have a custom made pillow for your very own "Beach House"!

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Until then...

Sara ;) 

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