Wednesday, December 9, 2020

December Club Couture - Welcome


Welcome to Club Couture! We hope you feel the warmth and kindness of this month’s Transfer. There are so many ways you can use this! Swap out the “o” in “Welcome” with the floral image, accent with additional foliage as desired, or vary your surface to best fit the space that calls to you. This month’s Club Couture subscription includes Chalkology Paste singles in warm tones—Storm, Guava, and Peachy Keen—but we can picture you using another mixture of colors for any sass, spunk, or class you want to add.

Supplies Needed

Club Couture Transfer: Welcome

Surface: Double-Sided Box Frame (6" × 18")

Chalkology Paste Singles: Guava, Peachy Keen, Storm

Tools: Multi-Tool, Small Squeegee, Transfer Trimmers, Color Trays, Fuzzing Cloth, Placement Tape

Color and Placement Suggestions

Storm: Letters and accent foliage Guava: Large flower
Peachy Keen: Flower center

Follow these instructions to complete this project:

1. Remove your Transfer from its packaging.

2. Cut along the Transfer’s provided cut lines to separate the elements.

3. Carefully peel off the Transfer Backer Sheet of the element you’re using first.

4. “Fuzz” the Transfer element by gently pressing onto a Fuzzing Cloth and carefully pulling it upward to collect a bit of lint (this helps to more easily remove the Transfer from the surface after you’ve applied the paste.

5. Centering top to bottom, position the “WELCO” part of the Transfer near the left side of the board, and the “ME” near the right side; leave sufficient space between the Transfer pieces to use the floral image in place of the “O”. Smooth out each element to adhere, ensuring there are no bubbles.

6. Knead each Chalkology Paste Single, open the corner, and squeeze the desired amount onto a Color Tray, using a new tray for each color.

7. Use a generous amount of Chalkology Paste on your squeegee and smooth it over each letter of the Transfer, skipping the “O” in “Welcome” (see “Color and Placement Suggestions”).

8. Once the screen portion of the design is completely covered, squeegee the excess paste off as evenly as possible and scrape it back into the tray. The more excess paste you remove, the better the result will be.

9. Before the paste dries, slowly peel back the Transfer. To prevent any stretching in the Transfer, peel from two corners instead of peeling diagonally. Immediately clean the Transfer with cool water (do not let it soak).

10. Dry the Transfer flat with the sticky side up.

11. Once those chalked sections are dry, repeat steps 3–5 and 7–10 for the flower. Let the flower dry completely, then repeat for the flower’s center and the foliage piece (placing the foliage on the bottom right-hand side of the flower). When chalking the foliage piece, it may be helpful to cover the floral image with Placement Tape to keep from getting additional paste on your floral image (if pasted as we’ve shown, the foliage should appear as if it’s coming out from behind the flower).

12. Once all Transfer elements are washed and dried, reapply the Backer Sheet to each and store flat.

13. Relish your creation!

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