Sunday, February 7, 2021

DIY Valentines Day Decor! Make a special gift to give to a loved one! Come chalk with me!

 Can we talk about how cute this Transfer is?! For anyone who is the milk to your cookie, the cheese to your macaroni, you’re going to need to put your paste to this Transfer. This playful and flirty message captures all the fun of being in love.
When I received this transfer in the Winter Warmup Pack, I knew just what I wanted to put it on. I bought this pack of chalkboards on stands that fit a Size A transfer perfectly. The best part is that they are double sided so you get double the usage! Who doesn't love that! 

Let me show you how I used this You Are Transfer. This is perfect for Valentines Day or any time to show someone you love them! 

**Best part about these supplies is that one you buy them, you can use them over and over with other projects! 

Step 1
Get everything you need into your work area. Open up and stir your chalk pastes so that are ready to go.

Step 2
Fuzz your You Are Transfer with the Fuzzing Cloth. You want to do this so it doesn't get stuck to the chalkboard surface.

Step 3
Lay your transfer down on the chalkboard stand in the position you want. Once you find your exact placement, push down and make sure it has adhered well.  Place some washi tape over the heart. 

Step 4
With your Mini Squeegee, apply the Bright White Chalk Paste to all words except for the heart. If this took you a little while to do, you could use the paste and pull method. Now take the washi tape off of the heart and take the Multi-tool and dip it slightly into the Raspberry Sorbet chalk paste and paste the heart. 

Step 5
Now its time to pull up your transfer and see your masterpiece! Make sure you are pulling evenly so it doesn't stretch the transfer. 

Step 6
Time to clean that transfer! Clean immediately with cold water and a board eraser. These work wonders and making your transfer look brand new. After cleaning, I lay the transfer sticky side up and a clear plastic cutting board from the Dollar Tree. Its flexible and can hold a few small clean transfers when they are drying. Plus its easy to clean and store.  Once clean, let dry. Once dry, place the backer back on the sticky side of the transfer.

Do you decorate Valentines Day? 
I love to create my mantel for each holiday!

 Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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