Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Wings to Fly // Come chalk with me!

I fell in love with the Wings to Fly transfer when I saw it in the Winter Warm-Up mini launch. It's such a great saying in a pretty font. I had found this pretty Magnetic Chalkboard at Marshalls in a great big size. It was such a great find! I have so many great ideas and the best part it's reusable! That's what I love about the Chalk Paste... Create- Remove - Recreate again! So once I received my shipment with Wings to Fly, I just knew they were perfect together. 

This was an easy project to make. I actually had to make this twice. My 3 year old loves to hang out with me in my craft room. He's like my little chalking buddy who looks at all the fun items in my craft room. Since this is a large surface, I decided to sit on the floor and create it. After I chalked it, I pulled the transfer and went to wash it off. I didn't even think to lift it off the ground. After cleaning the transfer, which only took a few minutes, I walked back into my craft room to find that my little Mason had walked on it. He didn't even realize it. And when I said something, he felt so bad. I told his that I would easily remake it and not to worry!   And then he gave me the biggest hug. These are the moments that mom's live for. After that, I just sprayed the chalkboard down, wiped it away and rechalked it again. It was just that easy! That's one reason that I love Chalk Couture Transfers are reusable. 

Come see how I made it! 

Supplies Needed: 
Magnetic Chalkboard- Found surface from Marshalls

Step 1
Get all your supplies together. Open the Bright White Chalk Paste and stir it well using a Stir Stick

Step 2
Flip the transfer over and take off the backing carefully. Fuzz the whole transfer lightly holding down the transfer. This is the easiest way to fuzz a large transfer. Don't be afraid to fuzz it alot. If it seems really sticky, it might need quite a few fuzzings. Since the new transfers seem to be stickier, fuzz fuzz FUZZ! You don't want that to pull up the back ground up when removing the transfer. Once you are done fuzzing, grab the transfer, flip to back over and lay onto the surface. 

Step 3
Press the transfer onto the surface firmly and grab the Stir Stick and apply the Bright White Chalk Paste onto the transfer. Take the Handled Squeegee and glide the Paste all over the transfer covering all mesh areas. Since I am only using 1 color, I am able to chalk without it drying out. Once fully chalked, pull the transfer from the top to bottom holding both ends, making sure to not stretch the transfer. Now since these new transfers seem to be more stickier that the older one, evenly pulling the transfer is important. 

Step 4
Clean your transfer right away. This will ensure more uses. To clean larger transfers, I clean them in the shower. Make sure the wall is clean and place the dirty transfer on there. Use the shower head to clean with cold water. Grab your board eraser and clean both sides. Once clean, hang or lay sticky side up until dry. Once dry, apply backer and store away. 

Remember I told you about my 3 year old who stepped on it? Here it is:

And then I recreated it! Check out the finished project: 

Now enjoy your creation! 

 Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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