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Sneak Peek Time! Want to see what I ordered from the 2021 Spring/Summer Celebrations Suite- Come check it out!

I was so excited to see all the new transfers in the Celebration Suite for the 2021 Spring/Summer Catalog! There are so many great summer items, I will be busy for sure! If you know me, you know I love the ocean and everything about it. Remember to check back to see what I do with these new transfers. 

SKU: A2122129
$9.99 USD

What up, beaches?! We saw the fun neon signs of an oceanside shopping district and we were inspired to create this Transfer. You’ll be fully on trend as you use your creativity to bring this Transfer to life. You can use the full design as is, use just the “I love you” portion, or create a little somethin’ that points “to the beach.” For an artistic touch, try diluting some Chalkology® Paste and water coloring inside the arrow.

SKU: A2122130
$9.99 USD

This is the sort of cute little A-sized Transfer you’ll always want to have on hand, whether it’s a sunny, summery time of year, or whether you’re thinking of the people that bring brightness into your life. Pair this with our most sunshiny Chalkology® Paste—Bumblebee—for a glowy, happy feel. Also, we just gotta mention, this Transfer looks freaking adorable on a baby onesie.  
SKU: A2122131
$9.99 USD

What a cute little Transfer, right? We love the look of this on a 5” x 7” Double-Sided Box Frame (item S203105), or you could use the flower portion or sentiment portion separately on 5” x 5” Double-Sided Box Frames (item S203104). We should also point out how cute this looks on our House Cutouts (item S201102) as the top edge of the design matches well with the top edge of the cutout. The inspirational message with floral imagery is ready to plant creativity in your heart. And for good reason!
SKU: A2122132
$9.99 USD

This little Transfer and our Decorative Cutting Board (item S2111105) were literally made for each other (MFEO as we like to say). It also looks great on our 5” x 7” Double-Sided Box Frame (item S203105). This design is a pretty, simple, pleasant phrase. Great for Mother’s Day gifts, kitchen decor, house-warming gifts, to make and sell, or anything else you can dream up. It’ll be great to display all year long. 

SKU: A2122133
$9.99 USD

Small Transfer, bold design, so much truth. Pair this fun and sassy A-sized design with any of our patterns, flowers, images, or use it alone on an A-sized surface. The sentiment is both feminine and masculine, so you can easily customize it for anyone with the colors you choose. For a bright and dazzling effect, complete this in an ombre technique by adding two or more paste colors and then blending them together with your finger before removing the Transfer from your surface. 
SKU: B2122143
$14.99 USD

And just like that, bam! It’s summertime! Feel those summertime vibes seeping into your life and celebrate every bit of it with the Summer Vibes Transfer! There’s a lot going on in this design, which gives it both visual interest and a ton of versatility. Use any certain part or piece on separate projects from the words, to the icons, to the sassy sunglasses. You can get as meticulous as you’d like, adding colors and taping off different sections or chalking it all in one color for a quick one-and-done. Get fussy, or keep it simple. Let the chalk go to work for you as you celebrate every part of summer!
SKU: B2122144
$14.99 USD

Summer. Vacation. Road trips. Sunshine. Nature. WE LOVE IT ALLLLLL! This Transfer represents all the very best Summer has to offer. So eat some watermelon, catch some rays, and experience life! This cut-apart Transfer is great for workshops, sharing with friends, or to accent other projects. Each section of the overall design fits on our Chalkable Chips (black or white, 3” round, item S191110 or S193101).
SKU: B2122145
$14.99 USD

The world is one big crazy place. But we don’t really mind. We like things to be fun and playful (just like YOU!). So when life gets to be too much, keep going. You’re not crazy, your life is. Relax and accept it! We love the look of this design on a classic Couture Gallery Board Aiden White Frame (black, 9” x 12”, item S183127), or on items of apparel. It looks great in one or two colors, but don’t be afraid to go quirky and fun by adding lots of different hues. Every letter is separate, making it easy to add as many colors as you want!
SKU: B2122146
$14.99 USD

The oval shape of this design is a rare and special treat! We love the look of this on a tray (such as our Reclaimed Metal Tray, item S193118) or a found surface. For a different look, chalk just the words “family” or “love”. Include the laurel wreath or leave it off if desired. The overall design looks formal, but the tiny bit of quirkiness in the quote offers a bit of playfulness as well.
SKU: B2122147
$14.99 USD

This cut-apart Transfer is perfect for building a bucket full of blooms and blossoms. Use the flowers, greenery, and stems as desired to build a bucketful of flowers as big and robust as you’d like. Chalk the word “love” from this Transfer on the bucket, or choose sentiments from other Transfers in the Bloom & Blossom Chalk Stories™ Collection. Flowers can also be used as accent pieces on any project in your imagination.
SKU: B2127152
14.99 USD

We love a simple design with a positive message. The clean, modern fonts used here with a generous helping of white space gives your eye space to work out the deeper meaning of the statement. Spacing was meaningfully designed to help remind us all to share our resources and to employ a generous mindset in all we do. This design is the perfect compliment to a gallery wall. For every A Longer Table Transfer sold, $2 USD goes to Watts of Love, a non-profit organization providing solar lighting and education to communities living in darkness.
SKU: C2122126
$24.99 USD

Create a meaningful display with a warm statement that reminds us that the true beauty of life is found in memories made with those we hold dear. The hand-drawn font and visually-stimulating greenery are designed in our glorious 12” x 18” (C-sized) Transfer, which gives a hearty impact to any space. For best results, we recommend the chalk-and-pull method when creating with this Transfer. 
SKU: C2122128
$24.99 USD

When it comes to DIY home décor, you simply cannot forget your kitchen! The Good Eats Transfer is a cut-apart design that’s great for creating a coordinated set of smaller projects for a gallery wall or tiered tray, or to create a larger display piece to bring a sense of welcome to your space. The large “good eats” sentiment fits on any of our 6” x 18” surfaces such as a Double-Sided Box Frame (item S203106). The smaller elements look great as accents or standing alone on 5” x 5” Double-Sided Box Frames (item S203104). We’d love to see you use these on apparel, aprons, jars for your pantry, house-warming gifts, and more. Get started!
SKU: D2122113
$29.99 USD

This is a pleasantly patriotic design that looks incredible on a round surface or one of our Square Pillow Covers (item S181101). We’ve included a few different song lyrics from classic America-inspired tunes. Use our Celebrate Palette Pack (item PS2122104) for a set of Chalkology® Paste colors that bring a sense of loyalty and allegiance to your design.
SKU: E2122103
$39.99 USD

Get ready for the boss of all Transfers! This is the design that keeps on giving! Put this design to work in a porch sign using the whole thing. When lining up the two halves top to bottom, the finished piece measures approximately 10” x 48”. Most sentiments fit individually on a 9” x 12” surface, which makes this like 15 individual Transfers in one; so put it all to work! Each little phrase can be used individually like putting “Kick Off Your Shoes” on a shoe basket in an entryway, or using “appreciate today” in an inspirational piece of your choosing. With all the visual interest offered in this vertical subway art style, this Transfer is absolutely one of our favorites! 

SKU: E2122104
$39.99 USD

This cut-apart Transfer really sparkles whether you’re using it with our Star Cutouts (item S2122106) or on any other surface. Mix and match the pieces for patriotic décor and more. These designs pair perfectly with our Celebrate Palette Pack (item PS2122104). Hey now, these are rock stars. Get your chalk on. Go play. 

What do you think? How many amazing could you make with all these amazing transfer?

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