Monday, February 14, 2022

2022 Valentines 3 Tiered Tray // Come craft with me!

While getting all my Valentine Rae Dunn mugs out, I have realized that I have just as many Valentines mugs as I do Christmas mugs 😳. I do have a few doubles that I need to get rid of too. I love Valentines Day since it's all lovey dovey and a small token of candy makes the kids happy. Thats a win in my book! I found these really great cards this year from Home Goods and they were so cute and cheap! Also a win in my book! 
As you know, I love to decorate my 3 tiered tray for each holiday. And Valentines is always so fun since it's the next holiday after Christmas. My daughter loves this set since it is so full of pinks! 

Now let me show you how I styled my Valentines 3 tiered tray!

Top Shelf
From the left, I have a wooden Sweet Shop from a valentines block set from Target. Next is a red XOXO Rae Dunn mug. On top of the mug is a little wooden sign shaped as a rolling pin that I picked up from Hobby Lobby. Inside the mug is a few glitter hearts on sticks. Hanging from the mug is a metal/wood heart from Hobby Lobby. There are also red glitter hearts on the bottom of the shelf. 

Middle Shelf
From the left I have a Wink Wink Rae Dunn Mug. Inside the mug are some glitter hearts along with a set of silicone spatulas. The red spatula is Rae Dunn and the white spatula is from Target. In the middle there is a wooden gum ball machine from the Wooden block set from Target. Next is a light pink Perfect Match Rae Dunn mug. Inside are some more glitter hearts. There are more glitter heart in the bottom of the shelf. 
Bottom Shelf
From the left, we start with a light pink Soul Mate Rae Dunn mug. Inside the mug is a glitter heart and a Tye Dyed Tea Towel that I made for Valentines day. In the middle is a pink bowl that I picked up at Ikea a few years ago. Inside the bowl is a cookie set I received from an old friend, Kristie Anagnos. She set a cute little valentines pack. 

Which item is your favorite? 

Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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