Sunday, October 24, 2021

My 2021 Halloween 3 Tiered Tray // Come see what I use to create it! // Come Craft with me!

Halloween is one of my top 3 favorite holidays of the year. I search out for new and fun items to decorate the house with. And I always love creating and styling my Halloween 3 Tiered Tray every year. I have found a lot of great Rae Dunn Halloween mugs too, so I couldn't wait to use those.  Come see how I decorated my 3 Tiered Tray! 

Top Tray

Starting from the left, I have the Sarah Sanderson Funko Pop that I bough from Amazon last year. Behind Sarah is a candy corn colored small brush tree that I got from Target this year. They came in a pack of 2. Then in front of the Tree is a Johanna Parker Pumpkin Salt Shaker. It comes in a set of 2 items and came from Marshalls. This was the 1st time finding anything Johanna Parker! I was so excited!! Behind the Pumpkin is my black BOO Rae Dunn Mug that I bought from Facebook Marketplace. Inside of the mug is a vintage candy corn that I bought years ago at the Lodi Street Faire. It's one of my favorite decorations for Halloween. The Halloween beaded garland starts of the top tray and the pumpkin is hanging from the handle of the BOO mug. 

Middle Tray

Starting from the left, I have a Rae Dunn Halloween Mug. Inside of the mug is a Rae Dunn Spooky black spatula. Hanging from the spatula is a the Pumpkin Tag from my Etsy shop. In front of the Halloween mug is another Vintage candy corn. In the middle of the tray is a Mary Sanderson Funko Pop that I bought off of Amazon. On the right of Mary is my Purple Hocus Pocus Rae Dunn Mug. I bought it off of Facebook Marketplace. Hanging next to the Hocus Pocus mug is the October 31st Tag from my Etsy Shop.  The Halloween beaded garland lays across the front of the middle tray. 

Bottom Tray

On the left, I have a Lime Green Toxic Rae Dunn mug that I bought from Facebook Marketplace. Inside is a Velvet orange pumpkin that I bought from the Target Dollar Spot. In front of the Toxic mug is another vintage candy corn. It is the last of the set of 3. In the middle is the leader of the pack, Winifred Sanderson, who is flying on her brookstick. To the right of Winifred is another candy corn colored brush tree. I bought these in a set of 2 at Target. A little behind the tree is a Fright Night Rae Dunn mug that I bought at Home Goods. Inside the Fright Night mug is a Trick or Treat orange Rae Dunn Spatula. It's kind of hidden. Handing off that spatula is a Boo Tag from my Etsy Shop. We finish off the bottom tray with the end of the Halloween Beaded Garland.

On the left of the 3 Tiered Tray

Closest to the 3 tiered tray is a Happy Halloween Pumpkin Orange Rae Dunn candle. Sitting inside of the candle is the Halloween Owl pepper shaker from Johanna Parker. This was in a set that I got from Marshalls. To the left of that is a DIY Pumpkin Cook Book Stand that I made using Chalk Couture items! It's one of my favorites that I have made. In front is a Eat Up Witches Rae Dunn Tray that I found at Home Goods. I feel that it fits well with the Hocus Pocus Witches. 

See How I made the Pumpkin Cookbook Stand HERE! 

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Are you excited for Halloween? I know I am! 

Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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