Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Did you see these amazing new Surfaces?!?

Chalk Couture has released some new Surfaces in the 2020 Autumn/Winter Catalog and they are pretty awesome! Most, if not all are double sided so that means you double your chalking! That is a pretty awesome deal! Who doesn't love to save some money! In this post, I will go into detail about all the new Surfaces! I want to know - which one are your favorites? 

S203109  •   $7.99 USD
We've refreshed the stain on one of our most popular Couture Boutique™ surfaces! Couture Boutique™ Boards are exclusive to Chalk Couture™ and uniquely designed to pair with our removable Chalkology™ Paste.  
Rotate the board in the base do display your double-sided design vertically or horizontally. 

S203103  •  $24.99 USD
A double-sided, reusable,surface that turns in the stand. Unscrew the top hardware to remove the board from the stand and lay flat while chalking. Replace the board when artwork is dry.     

S203104  •  $9.99 USD
Improved wider frame design stands up easily. A fresh shade of stain on one side and white-washed on the other creates the perfect double-sided surface (indented on both sides). 

S203105  •  $9.99 USD

S203106  •  $17.99 USD

S203107  •  $19.99 USD

S203108  •  $9.99 USD
The perfect trend in farmhouse surfaces. Fits B-sized Transfers nicely—a blank canvas waiting for your custom designs. 

S193116  •  $12.99 USD
Pumpkin cutouts are all that is fall. Dress them up for Halloween or keep them  flowing through fall with a seasonal pattern.

What surfaces could you see yourself using? I'm loving the pumpkins for the Fall Season!  

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Until then...

Sara ;)

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