Saturday, July 11, 2020

My take on the July Club Couture - Let's Get Lost

I LOVE the July Club Couture transfer! It has a little of a vintage flair.  This is a really easy one since I only used 2 paste colors.  When I joined Chalk Couture as a Designer, I got this great 9 x 12 framed chalkboard called the Couture Gallery Aiden Style White Frame that I have used for almost all of my Club Couture Transfers. They fit perfect and I love the frame on it. It gives it a farmhouse feel. Let me show you how I styled mine. 

Supplies needed: 

Step 1: Get your accessories all together so you are not stopping mid way to grab something. This is the time to pick your paste colors and stir them well. Always stir your paste colors before you use them. If they fell a little dry, add a little bit of distilled water to it and stir well. I picked Couture Teal and Shimmer Gold pastes. The Shimmer gold is an amazing color and the pictures on the Chalk Couture site don't do it justice! 

Step 2: Take your transfer out of the plastic covering and fuzz fuzz fuzz that transfer! 

Step 3: Lay your transfer down onto your surface. Make sure its completely flat. 

Step 4: Make a game plan of where you want your paste colors to go. I wanted the globe part to be in the Couture Teal color and the stand to be in the Shimmer Gold color. Now you can start chalking! I used the Small Squeegee on most of the globe part and the Multi-Tool to use when I got close to the stand. When chalking the stand, I used the Multi-Tool the whole time. The Multi-Tool has 2 sides to chalk small areas with ease.  

Step 5: Lift up transfer and wash it off. The faster you wash it, the cleaner it will be. Use the Board Eraser to get it really clean, really easy. Its a great tool! After washing, lay it upside down so it can dry and you can put on the backing. These transfers are meant to be used 8-12 times each! But I have heard of people using them way more than that! Now clean your tools. During the chalking, I will wipe them will baby wipes, but when I am done, I just put them in a mason jar filled will water. These are easy to clean too. I've never even needed soap to clean them. 

Step 6: Display your awesome chalk art! I love these 2 paste colors together! 

What Paste colors could you choose? There are so many options, the outcome possibilities are unlimited! 

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Until then...

Sara ;)

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