Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Some of my Favorite Transfers from the new catalog!

The new catalog is out and I have ordered my favorite transfers! I want to show you my favorites transfers! Whether you’re planning an adventure, celebrating good times, or just chillin’ like a villain, you can let your creativity go wild—your home will thank you for it. With new Chalk Stories, seasonal inspirations, masks, and patterns that are right on trend, you’ll have more transfer design options for creativity than ever before.

Chalk Couture has created over 90 new designs just for you:

• 22 new A-sized Transfer designs
• 33 new B-sized Transfer designs
• 19 new C-sized Transfer designs
• 14 new D-sized Transfer designs 
• 6 new E-sized Transfer designs

Our new Chalk Stories include the Botanicals Collection and Winter Wishes Collection. They are the perfect way for anyone to create décor ensembles by mixing and matching Transfer designs and elements—we’ve done all the interior design work for them.

C203135  •  $24.99 USD
Bring everyone who visits your home closer by letting them know they can make themselves at home. 
C203139  •  $24.99 USD
When you know you have something special. Nothing says together like hot cocoa and marshmallows! 

C203133  •  $24.99 USD
Is your laundry company endless and open 24/7. Make something cute and cheeky to remind everyone that the laundry is never done!
B203172  •  $14.99 USD
Festivity and filigree make this fun pumpkin design a favorite of the season.

C203143  •  $24.99 USD
So much witchy fun and laughter as witches go riding on Halloween!
B203164  •  $14.99 USD
Those Halloween parties are even more fun when you can eat, drink, and be scary!
B203166  •  $14.99 USD
Quoth the raven, "Make d├ęcor!" This simple, fun Transfer is the perfect addition to your spooky Halloween designs. 

C203132  •  $24.99 USD
Scare up something fun for Halloween with this cut-apart cutie.

E203114  •  $39.99 USD
Pump up your porch game with the cutest signpost on the block. This cut-apart Transfer includes accents to make it your own.

A203145  •  $9.99 USD
Autumn is a wonderful kiss on the cheek, a festival for the eyes, and the year's last, lovliest smile.

C203137  •  $24.99 USD
That special moment when the air is a little crisper and the wind starts to blow the changing leaves from the trees. That's when you realize that summer is falling into the open arms of autumn.
B203160  •  $14.99 USD
This sentiment is just about all you need to know about Thanksgiving on through the holiday season! Cheers!

B203170  •  $14.99 USD
An evergreen Christmas sentiment brings excitement to the holiday season. This one-and-done design has so much potential!

B203177  •  $14.99 USD
Tiny designs with a huge Halloween impact. You can make so many fun projects with these little goblins!

D203121  •  $29.99 USD
A little goth and a lot of darling goes a long way with this spooky pattern. Don't forget to try using our Mask Transfer designs to leave space for a design in the middle. Voila! Now you have a frame too!
C203136  •  $24.99 USD
This traditional and formal "NOEL" can jazz up your holiday in a jiffy. The cutapart design layers for just the right amount of shadow and color!

B203192  •  $14.99 USD

Want to see all the new items: Click here! 

I know.. there are a lot! But I can already see each one as a craft project already! 

What are your favorites? Let me know! I would love to help you create some amazing chalk art! 

Some of these would make great workshops! 

Like these but not sure what Chalk Couture is- Click here to read all about it! 

Wanna shop for some Chalk Couture stuff? Click here to check out all the amazing items! 

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Until then...

Sara ;)

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