Sunday, August 1, 2021

Back to School 3 Tiered Tray // Come Craft with me!

Finally all 3 kids start school on Monday and I knew I had to celebrate by decorating my 3 tiered tray with a Back to School theme! I had so much fun creating personalized items for the kids. I'm not sure if you can tell I'm really excited for the kids to go back to school! 

I created most if these items from either Chalk Couture products or cutting items with my Glowforge. I had so much fun creating everything from designing, cutting out the pieces, chalking it to putting it all together on the 3 tiered tray. Plus I had to add in the perfect Rae Dunn mugs! 

Want more info on the Glowforge? Click Here!

Come see how I styled my Back to School 3 Tiered Tray! 

Top Tier

Starting from the left, I took a small tag and Chalked a Lightbulb using 1 of the 12 mini transfers from the Back to School Transfer. I used the Bumblebee Chalk Paste

Next, I cut out an Apple shape on my Glowforge and then painted it with black chalkboard paint. Then I used a Chalk Couture Transfer called "A Teacher's Influence". I used Bright White & Peony Chalk Paste as the colors. Want to see how I made it? Click Here! 

Next to that I used some Elmers Glue bottle, glue stick and some pencils as decorations. 

Middle Tier 

From the left, I Started with a Dream Rea Dunn Mug that is filled with pens and pencils. 

In front of that is an apple I cut on my Glowforge. I painted it with red paint and used a while paint marker to accent it. 

In the middle is a Back to School Sign I made using my Glowforge. This is a 2 piece sign. I painted the back section while. I painted the top section red. I then glued it together. 

Behind that on the right is a Rise & Shine Rae Dunn Mug. Inside the mug is some pens, pencils and a Custom Ruler with Kellan's name on it. I added his name with my Glowforge. 

Hanging off of the ruler is a small tag that I chalked a school bus onto. I used the Back to School Transfer. I added a small blue ribbon to the top. 

I used pencils to decorate.

Bottom Tier

Starting from the left is a Practice Makes Perfect Rae Dunn Mug. Inside the mug is Pens, Pencils and a personalized ruler with Arley's name on it. 

Hanging from the ruler is a Small tag with a Apple I cut out with my Glowforge. I painted the apple red before glueing onto the tag. 

In the middle is a pencil leaner sign I made using my Glowforge.  See how I made it her on my Tik Tok page: HERE

On the right side is a yellow Shine Bright Rae Dunn mug. Inside is some highlighters and a Small Tag that I chalked A+ again using the Back to School Transfer. I used Couture Teal Chalk Paste.

I then made 3 custom erasers with each of the kids names. I used my Glowforge to Score the names into the erasers. I then used my Glowforge to cut of the grades each of them will be in this year. 

Between the Tiers

Hanging between the Tiers is a Back to School banner that I made. I used my Glowforge to cut out all the letters and them painted and glued them on. 

Are you excited for your kids to go back to school? 

I know I am! 

Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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