Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Teacher's Influence // DIY Back to School crafts // Come craft with me!

So I have been using Chalk Couture for a while now. I also had my eye on a Glowforge for quite a while and then finally ordered one a few months ago. I have seen people use a combination of both Chalk Couture and cut outs from a Glowforge. I think that's what pushed me to get a Glowforge, and to use them together, and get a really custom feel to my crafts. 

So I finally created something specifically for a Chalk Couture Transfer! I used the Teacher's Influence Transfer (retired) and cut out an Apple shape with my Glowforge. It was actually really easy to do. 

Come see how I used this in my Back to School 3 Tiered Tray: Click Here! 

Come see how I made this! 

Step 1: Design the Apple cut out. I use my Silhouette Business Edition software to do this. And since I have the upgraded software, I can save them into SVG's, which is needed for the Glowforge to be able to cut the design. 

Step 2: Place the Chalk Couture Transfer inside the Glowforge. It will scan the transfer so you will know what size you will be the cut out to be. 

Step 3: Upload the design into the Glowforge App and size it according to the size of the transfer. Once you find the perfect size, take the transfer out and replace with preferred material. I used MDF, which is a smooth wood material. It's easy to paint and is so smooth.

Step 4: Hit the print button and watch the magic happen! I love watching it work! 

Step 5: Once cooled, take out Apple Cut out out. Get all your paint supplies ready. 

Step 6: I love to lay my projects on a masking material so it doesn't move around while painting. I use the masking on wood products that need a little protection while using the laser. 

Step 7: I used black paint and applied it with a sponge. I'm telling you that this is a game changer! It goes on like butter! So easy to do and clean up is pretty easy. You can either wash sponge and let air dry or you can wait for the section on paint to dry on it and then cut it off. I have used makeup wedge sponge so many times by cutting them up! 

Step 8: Once the paint is dry, it's time to chalk! Grab you Chalk Pastes and give them a good stir. Add in some distilled water if needed but then new Chalk Pastes are amazing! Grab your transfer and a Fuzzing Cloth and fuzz well. I mean REALLY FUZZ! Use the back courser side of needed. You don't want to pull any paint off the Apple cut out. 

Step 9: Lay your fuzzed transfer down and start applying you Chalk Paste to the transfer. I used 2 different Chalk Pastes colors. 

Step 10: Once you are done applying Chalk Paste, lift transfer up and wash it well. Let air dry and once dry, replace backer sheet

You are all done! Now it's time to show off your new DIY Teacher's Influence Apple you made! 

It may seem like a lot of steps, but I promise it is really easy! 

Are you excited for your kids to go back to school? 

I know I am! 

Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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