Monday, October 18, 2021

Oh my Gourd- I Love Fall Metal sign // Come craft with me!

This is such a great item to use inside or outside your house. This sign only took about 5 minutes to make including set up and clean up. I love these projects since they are so easy to do. Plus, you can just spray it with water and wipe it off if you wanted to reuse the sign for another project. 

Oh my “gourd”! A funny autumnal play on words brings your Transfer collection to a whole new level. We know that projects made with this Transfer are going to get your friends and family to smile, especially when you’re giving those projects as seasonal gift items! For a different look, try using just the “I love fall!” portion by itself or in conjunction with any of our other autumn-themed offerings.

                        Come see how I made this! 

Step 1: Gather all your items together so they are in reach. I used a Hobby Lobby metal galvanized tag sized: 7 7/8 inches x 5 15/16 inches. I used 3 Chalk Pastes in Bright White, Black Velvet and Shimmer Pumpkin. I used 2 small squeegees and 1 mini squeegee. I used the Oh My Gourd Transfer

Step 2: Open your chalk pastes and stir them up so they are ready to be used. Add in some distilled water if needed but then new Chalk Pastes are amazing!

Step 3: Grab your transfer and a Fuzzing Cloth and fuzz well. I mean REALLY FUZZ! Use the back courser side of needed. 

Step 4: Lay your fuzzed transfer down and start applying you Chalk Paste to the transfer. I used 3 different Chalk Pastes colors. I started from the top with the Black Velvet Chalk paste, and then chalked the Gourd in Orange Peel Chalk Paste. If you are a slow chalked, I would use the Paste and Pull method. The Paste and Pull method is where you chalk and then lift the transfer up and pull down to the area you have chalked to. Hold it up until the paste looks dry. Then carefully lay it back down and continue chalking! The last part is to use the Bright White Chalk Paste in the words on the bottom. 

Step 5: Once you are done applying Chalk Paste, lift transfer up and wash it well. Let air dry and once dry, replace backer sheet

You are all done! Now it's time to show off your new DIY Oh My Gourd you made!

Watch me make it here: 

Are you excited for Fall? I know I am! 

Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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