Monday, June 26, 2023

DIY Chalk Art Mug Rack- Land of the Free // Time to get your craft on!


I bought this mug rack at Marshalls a few years ago in the clearance section. I spray painted it with black chalk paint and have been using for different holidays ever since. One of the best crafting purchase I have made in a long time! Worth ever penny for sure! 

Come with me as I make this 4th of July Mug Rack! 

1. First I got all my supplies together. I have used this transfer many times, so it has already been cut of the larger retired transfer. This is just a small part of it. I also grabbed my Squeegees- small and mini, Chalk pastes in lots of different colors, stir sticks and masking tape.

2. I fuzzed my transfer so it wasn't too sticky.

3. Now I placed my transfer down. I pressed down to make sure it was adhered well. 

4. I placed some masking tape on top to ensure I didn't accidentally get chalk paste off the transfer. 

5. I grabbed my Bright White Chalk Paste and I used my stir stick to grab some paste out the jar. Then I grabbed my small squeegee and started spreading the chalk paste all over the transfer. 

6.  Time to remove the transfer and wash it up. It's best to wash your transfer right after you use it and not let it sit with paste for a long time. 

7. Onto the next transfer- A Star transfer. This is from a retired transfer, but there is the current transfer that has stars on them called the 1776 Patriotic Stars. I used Ocean Mist Chalk Paste for this star. I will stay that this chalk paste was a little chunky, but it works just the same. 

8. I am using the same star transfer without washing it first. Did you know you can do that?!? Yes you can! This saves a lot of time. On this star I used 3 different paste colors in Ocean Mist, Bright White and Candy Apple. I used the the-dye method. I just placed small amounts of each paste color all over the transfer and then used my small squeegee to mix it all around. When you remove the transfer, it creates this fun the-dye look! I really enjoy using this technique a lot. 

9. Now onto the next 2 stars. First I am going to use a different star transfer on the left in Candy Apple. It's kind of hidden but you will see it at the end. Once again, I am going to reuse the same transfer I just used. This time I am going to use a retired paste called Shimmer Splash. It's one of my favorite Chalk Paste colors ever! I Even though the transfer still has red on the transfer... that's ok! And as you can see in the last picture, there is no red residue! 

10. Now these smaller stars are made with a current transfer called Land of the Free. This transfer may look a little different since it is a new type of transfer. Same easy way to use, but more see-through to easily to layer and I would say easier to clean too! First I used the Bright White Chalk Paste, and the I used Candy Apple, retired Shimmer Splash and Shimmer Gold Chalk Paste on the smaller star. Once again, I just reused the same small star with the different colors. Once done, clean up your transfers with water and a Board Eraser. Then dry upside down. Once dry, place backing back on and store to use again later! 

11.  Now that it's all done, I hung it back up and hung some of my 4th of July Rae Dunn Mugs. 

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Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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