Wednesday, September 9, 2020

DIY Pumpkin Door Tag - Perfect for your Fall Decor! Easy and Fun to make!

I know we are almost to Fall, but dang it- can't Fall just get here already! The Falls months are my favorite and I love to decorate the house - inside and out - for Fall. What I love about Fall decorations is that you use fall colors in September, and then October rolls around and you add in your Halloween decorations. Once Halloween is over, Bam- add in your Thanksgiving decorations. I love that you have a base layer of decorations so you are not completely setting up for only one holiday and then tearing it down a month later. You truly get 3 months to keep it up and change it up a bit here and there. I love it! 

Well, why not start off with this great door tag! Easy & Fall festive all in one craft project!!

Want to make this? I'll show you how!


**Best part about these supplies is that one you buy them, you can use them over and over with other projects! 

Step 1
Get everything you need into your work area. Open up and stir your chalk pastes so that are ready to go.

Step 2
Fuzz your Pumpkin Patch Transfer with the Fuzzing Cloth. You want to do this so it doesn't get stuck to the door tag. 

Step 3
Lay your transfer down on the Door Tag in the position you want. Once you find your exact placement, push down and make sure it has adhered well. 
Step 4
With your Mini Squeegee, apply the Black Velvet Chalk Paste to the words at the top and at the bottom. If this took you a little while to do, you could use the paste and pull method. 
Step 5
With your Small Squeegee, apply the Orange Peel Chalk Paste to the pumpkin section of the transfer.  
Step 6
Remove the transfer and either place in water bath or clean immediately. Once clean, let dry. Once dry, place the backer back on the sticky side of the transfer.

Viola! You are ready to show off your Fall Decor with a custom made door tag! All your neighbors will be jealous! 

Check out this video to watch it being created! 

How easy does this project look? And with all the paste colors, your possibilities are endless. You can customize to your home colors. 

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Until then...

Sara ;) 

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