Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September Club Couture - Fall Blessings

You will adore this gentle nod to the coziest season of the year, accented with the classic autumn Chalkology Paste colors that come in your kit this month—Pesto, Currant Jam, and Shimmer Copper. We also think this would look beautiful using Shimmer Harvest or Shimmer Gold, along with Papaya and Dune for a different look and feel. Use the elegant design as is, or try using the elements separately to create coordinating accents. “Blessings'' are welcome all year long! The more you explore, the more you’ll “Fall” in love.

 Supplies Needed

-Club Couture TransferFall Blessings

-Chalkology Paste Singles: Shimmer Copper, Currant Jam, Pesto

-ChalkologyTM Paste: Bright White (included in the optional Kickstart Kit)

-Tools: Mini Squeegee (2), Small SqueegeeColor TraysFuzzing Cloth and Transfer Trimmers 

-Surface: Couture GalleryTM Aiden White Frame (9" × 12")

Color and Placement for Club Couture

1. Fall: Ombr effect with Shimmer Copper and Currant Jam 
2. Blessings: Bright White
3. Wheat accents: Pesto

Follow these instructions to complete the Club Couture project:

1. Prepare your Chalk Transfer by removing it from the packaging and cut apart the individual elements. Label the backer papers with a marker to correspond with the image; this makes cleanup easier.

2. Before using each Transfer element, be sure to gently “fuzz” it to the adhesive by sticking the adhesive screen to a Fuzzing Cloth or terry towel to pick up a bit of lint before applying the Transfer to your board.

3. Center the word “Fall” on the board and smooth it out to adhere, ensuring there are no bubbles.

4. Prepare each Chalkology Paste by kneading the packet, cutting or tearing off the corner, and squeezing the desired amount onto one of your Color Trays or another palette surface. Stir the paste if using 3 US fl. oz. jar.

5. Use a generous amount of Chalkology Paste on a Small Squeegee and smooth it over the top half of the letters (see color and placement suggestions). Use a clean squeegee to chalk the bottom half of the letters in a different color and blend the two colors together with your finger.

6. Once the screen portion of the design is completely covered, squeegee the excess paste off as evenly as possible and scrape unused paste back into the palette. The more excess paste you remove, the better the result will be.

7. When finished, slowly peel back the Transfer before the paste dries, and immediately clean the Transfer with water.

8. Once clean, let the Transfer dry with the sticky side up.

9. Allow sufficient drying time of your surface (or use a hair dryer to speed up drying) before layering subsequent steps.

10. Repeat these basic techniques with all elements of your design.

11. Once all the Transfer elements are clean and dry, reapply all backers and store flat.

Want to see a quick Video on how it is done? 
Watch this:

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Are you ready for Fall? Just think of all the Fall items you can make! Do you make stuff for your home? Let me know! I would love to hear all about it! 

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